Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Time Trial & New Doctor

This morning our group did another time trial to see if we've improved over our last time trial

I improved - by about 15 seconds (16:23) and my Garmin said I went a little further - 2.09 miles, so I was pretty pleased. 

In other news, totally unrelated to running, I saw a new doctor (lady appointment) yesterday.  I love her! She came highly recommended by a fellow Baby Mama friend.  Buttin and I don't have any immediate plans to make Cub a big brother - but hopefully one day - and when that day happens I don't want a repeat of Dr. Bitch!

Here is Cub reading his book in the backyard (not at all interested in poo chasing):

Monday, August 29, 2011

Misfit Monday

Today's big goal was to determine our trade show booth theme. 

The guys weren't to big on my Wizard of Oz or Black Swan ideas. 

It was basically down to two themes and I got out voted (sigh).
Buttin came up with both ideas.


How awesome would a dunking booth game be? My answer: So.  I thought it would be adorable to have all the guys dressed up in leotards, leg warmers and head bands dancing around to "What a Feeling".  Alas, I believe this idea got rejected.  

Here is Cub's interpretation of the famous chair/dancing scene in Flashdance.


So, this is the theme that everyone (all the guys) seemed to like the best.  The costumes are pretty hideous and we'll get to have a fun hole-in-one game, but it's not Flashdance (or Black Swan) good.  

Here is Cub's interpretation of Caddyshack

Flashdance wins by a landslide. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Too Hot To Do Anything

Good grief - today we tied the record - 112 - for hottest day EVER recorded in Austin.

Right now, it's 6:45 at night and it's still 109.  

Try telling a toddler it's too hot to go outside.  It doesn't work.  Next to pulling cat tails, going outside is Cub's favorite thing to do.

We went outside several times today for short intervals (except for early this morning when it was shady) and even though we would drench ourselves with the hose - it still felt like an oven.  
Here is little Cub outside this morning, when it was still only like - 91 out.  

Friday, August 26, 2011

Going On A Poo Hunt

Also known as - The Worst Game Ever

(I meant to post this on Thursday night, but I was/am having computer difficulty)

Where is the poo, Mama?

I'll use this stick and push the poo away!
Your turn, Mama.
More Poo

Filanthropy Friday

On Saturday a childhood friend of mine, Nick Kaschik, died unexpectedly.

I hadn't seen him since we were 16, maybe 17-years-old, but he was part of my swimming days (and there were many of them) so I have lots of good memories.

Nick's family is still uncertain about the cause of his death, but right now they're saying it was a heart attack.  He was my age (only two weeks older than me) and in seemingly good health.

Nick had a fascinating life.  He was a phenomenal swimmer (swam for USC) and a practical joker, but one event really stands out for me - it's when he got very sick when we were 13-years-old.  It was a very rare form of meningitis and he was in a coma for weeks.  When he woke up, he couldn't remember anything - he had virtually no memory.  There were many news articles (here and here) that say it a medical miracle that he even survived. The fact that he was able to walk again and then to swim at such a high level surpassed all expectations.

I'll just remember his big smile, infectious laugh and how I used to tease my friend Nana (the one with the twins I visit frequently in Houston) about her crush on him (they "went together" in junior high).
This week I donated $25 to his memorial fund.  Rest in peace old friend.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vacation Running

I was really looking forward to running in Chicago and the temperatures did not disappoint (highs in the lower 80s).

I had two good runs on vacation - a 12 mile (not as long as I would have liked, but still a good run) on Saturday and a 6 mile recovery run on Sunday.  I wasn't planning on running on Sunday, but I just woke up - wide awake at 6:45 and thought I would use the time before everyone else got up and moving to go for a little run.

Running on the lake front was beautiful.  There were lots of other runners, water fountains (even some spots with ice water and Gatorade) and toilets.  I can't wait to run when we get some cooler temperatures here in Texas.

This morning we did the exact same run as a couple of weeks ago.   It was very tiring. 

Here is Graby this afternoon holding his poo stick.  He likes to whack the poop around the backyard with his stick.  It's like a very white trash version of hockey.  

Monday, August 22, 2011

Misfit Monday

We got home from our mini-vacation today and Buttin went to work.  I stayed home and played with Cub.

Here's a little picture of Cub from today.

I'll post more about our vacation on another day - too tired tonight.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

In honor of our short vacation to Chicago, I wanted to give to a charity located in Chicago.

My friend Liz was one of the founders of The Chicago Street Project, but I couldn't find a way to donate to that organization so I gave to Chicago Cares.  

Similarly to The Chicago Street Project, Chicago Cares organizes volunteers and provides volunteering opportunities. Since 1991, Chicago Cares volunteers have completed more than 1.1 million hours of service through more than 25,000 projects.   One day, I hope that Cub and I will actually volunteer together on Fridays.

I gave $25 to Chicago Cares in honor of my friend Liz.  You're welcome, Liz - certainly this qualifies as the best gift ever.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Our short vacation starts tomorrow, so the blog will also take a vacation until Monday.

Here is Cub today playing in his white trash sandbox.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Strange Day

Today has just been odd and not in a very good way.  It's one of those days where all I can do is focus on my happy, healthy child.

Here (in no particular order) are some of the odd things that happened today:
  • Misfit shenanigans - not the fun kind (like when they dress up like bunnies and bowl).  I hate it when misfits do things that lead to uncomfortable discussions. Nonetheless, Buttin and I will have an uncomfortable discussion with a misfit tomorrow.
  • We have a competitor talking badly about us - telling lies.  Buttin is going to take a shower, put on some clean (semi-nice) clothes in the morning and go kick some ass.  Well, talk to our customer anyway.  
  • One of the houses we really like has just gone down in price by another 8K.  It's the strangest thing, but I feel badly for these people.  My dad used to tell me that I didn't have the killer instinct (back when I swam competitively) and I'm starting to realize he was right.  I'm sure I have that instinct when it comes to protecting people who are close to me or our business, but I'm guessing I won't be adding "Real Estate Mogul" to my resume (maybe "cookie dough mogul").
  • Speaking of not having the killer instinct (this is a bad transition), I hit a bicyclist last week (or rather, he hit me) while driving (slow moving accident, very near my house).  His bike was slightly damaged so I drove the man home (please Liz, don't tell me he could have been purposefully running into cars because he's a serial killer and you've seen something exactly like this on Criminal Minds) and we exchanged phone numbers.  I called my insurance company that night and gave them all the info - just in case.  Can you guess what has happened?  He's now claiming injuries and filing a claim. I talked to my insurance adjuster today and she said there is no way that I am at fault; however, we have to get everything together. 
  • Molly doesn't seem to be doing very well.  I took her to the vet last week because she was having some obvious issues with her back right leg.  She's been on medication (for a ruptured ligament, a urinary track infection and auto-immune hemolytic anemia - which she had earlier this year), but today she was so bad that Buttin had to carry her into the house.  I tried to get her hind legs underneath her (by picking up her butt), but she'd shake and then fall right back to the ground.  I'm hoping this is just a not so great day for her, but that she'll be getting better soon.  I can't think of things any other way right now, not today. 
In some relatively OK news, I had a decent run with my group today.  We did the same workout as a few weeks ago and I felt good.

Cub and I kept Molly company outside this afternoon (because I couldn't help her in the house) and he only tried to pull her ear a couple of times.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Misfit Monday

It's difficult to complain about the misfits.

During the past three weeks they've worked incredibly long hours, completed tasks that are not included in their job descriptions (sales people doing installs and warehouse people doing carpet cleans) and helped each other when possible - all the while being mostly pleasant, mostly.

All of their cooperative spirit makes it difficult for me to dress them up like ballerinas for our trade show, but I think Black Swan would be awesome.  

Here's Graby doing his ballerina interpretation:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Countdown To Vacation

On Friday Buttin and I will be taking a short (Friday - Monday), but much anticipated trip to Chicago with our friends Liz and Jonathan.

I don't think Buttin and I have been out of town together since the last time we went to Chicago with Liz and Jonathan and that was two years ago. 

I cannot wait to run by Lake Michigan, eat pizza and sleep in, but I have to admit the idea of being away from Cub for three nights is a little sad.  I know he'll have Mormor to keep him busy.

Cub (who by the way has a new tooth - I think it's one of his canines) and I went to the splash pad today and had an hour of fun (although it was hot)

We spent about five minutes at the splash pad.

And the other fifty-five minutes chasing birds.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bad Run, Bad Bad Run

I had a pretty decent running week, but a very bad run this morning.

Stomach cramping in a pretty awful way.

Let's just say, I was extremely grateful for all the potties on the Brushy Creek Trail and also that I'm very sorry to whoever went into the second stall at the restroom in Champions Park. 

Here is Graby today learning to drive.  Kid has got to start sometime.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

The past couple of weeks have been pretty heavy, so I thought it was time for something for a little more fun.  

Today, I selected The Cipher - Austin's Hip Hop Project for Filanthropy Friday because if there's one thing I am, it's Hip Hop.  

The Cipher's primary goal is to "build a community of young leaders and engaged hip hop artists and to strengthen the East Austin community in multiple ways."  I'm shocked they haven't asked me to be one of the hip hop artists. 

I donated $25 (because with any donation of $25 or more you get their cd, "From Soldiers To Warriors") today and requested that they have me as a guest hip hop artists at their next gathering.  I'm sure I'll get the invitation any minute now. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Running & Biting Part 2

A few months ago, I wrote about Running & Biting.  Both both topics came up again today so I thought I'd write about them again.


When I was a young swimmer every once in a while there would be a kid who was really, really slow (physically, not mentally) competing in race.  The kid would struggle to finish and every other kid in the race would be out of the pool, dried off and eating a snack by the time the slow kid finished.   All the spectators would watch as the struggling swimmer (they weren't drowning or anything, just slow) touched the wall and then the audience would break into applause.  

I am that slow kid (adult) in my running group. 

Today, I had about 15 people tell me "great job" or "way to run" as they lapped me for the umptenth time.  My coach actually told me that she thought I was getting faster.  Which is to say, I'm now more of a slug than a turtle. 

Today's workout was identical to the one we did a few weeks ago.  I enjoyed it and was supposedly faster than last time.


Cub got another incident report at school today - although again - they were very sweet in how they worded it.

Apparently, Cub was playing with a friend when the friend crawled between Cub's legs and  (teacher's words on the paper) "Cub got scared so he bit his friend on the hand" (I'm still at a loss for how Cub managed to bite the hand of a child who was crawling between his legs on the hand, but I'm not a flexologist so what do I know.)  Cub's teacher and I had a mini-parent/teacher conference to discuss being consistent with home/school discipline.  

They're so very understanding (not the right word here, but I'm not sure how to describe it) at Cub's school.  The head teacher (she's new) said that she thought he was biting because there were some new kids in the classroom and because he misses the old head teacher and he's just going through some adjustments.  They would never just come right out and say, You're a bad parent and your child is a bully.  

Of course, we don't really think Cub is a bully (or that we're bad parents), but we do need to escalate the "NOs" a little more when Cub bites.  I guess telling Cub, "teeth are for eating" or "we don't bite our friends" isn't really cutting it.

Buttin says that Cub is just a really good teeth-kisser. 

Here's the little bully today - obviously trying to attack me with the hose.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Misfit Monday

We survived last week.

I think it was the busiest week we've ever experienced plus there was a bowling tournament.  The misfits dressed as bunnies (per my request/demand).  I wore pink to support them.

Here's a picture.  Not surprisingly, the misfits won Best Dressed.

So, our goal is really to just make it through August without having to commit any misfits.

Our next event is the our big Tradeshow.  The theme is "Lights, Camera, Action" - I have several great ideas for misfit custumes. 

Here is Graby modeling one of my ideas - 

It's the Lion from Wizard of Oz - the fun-loving cute lion.    How much fun would it be to dress up like Wizard of Oz characters? I don't think the misfits are too keen on this idea, but that's OK, I've got others. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Running Revival

I'm in need of a running revival.

The past two weekends have been wonderfully busy, but my long runs have really suffered for the fun.

On Tuesday, I listened as one of my running buddies described her 20-miler the previous Saturday.  Eh.  I ran only one time the week before last.

Last week was better, I ran four days, but going to Houston left my long run a little short (by about 9 miles).

I'm hoping this coming week will be lots better.  I feel healthier and I think my foot is better plus I've been drinking lots of milkshakes and I've heard that's good for running.

Here's a picture of Cub playing on his bike this morning:

Friday, August 5, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

It probably seems like I'm jumping on the whole bash-the-media bandwagon - and I am.

During the past week, the media has been fairly consumed with the debt ceiling issue, political monkeying, what the royals are wearing and the location of Casey Anthony - all the while giving very little coverage to the famine in the Horn of Africa.  

The US estimates that over 29,000 children have died in the last 90 days in southern Somalia.  The famine (due to the historic drought) is expected to worsen and be far more catastrophic than the 1980s famine in Ethiopia (remember the whole We Are The World song).  Essentially (and this makes sense), it's disasters that have one isolated event (like, an earthquake and tsunami) that tend to get more media coverage and raise public donations quickly.  A disaster's ability to raise public funds is also very dependent upon the media.  

Which goes back to why so many media outlets have their thumbs up their butts wondering why Kate Middleton has worn the same outfit twice.  It's ridiculous.

It seems impossible that children could die of starvation.  I donated $50 to Unicef this week, specifically to the famine in Somalia. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Running and Bra-ing

Yesterday evening I went out with my friend Liz and a few of her friends to get properly fitted for a bra.

I've never been fitted (by an expert) for a bra.  I've always just kind of tried one on and if there wasn't boob overflowing or extra fabric gathering and it look OK - I bought it (probably at Target).  

We went to Petticoat Fair - they're supposedly the experts.  

I decided  to try a normal bra and then a sports bra.  Everyone was rather horrified by my running bra situation - usually I wear two uni-sports bras, thereby creating one gigantic (and very secure) mono-boob.

In the fitting room, the attendant (very nice lady) measured me efficiently without molesting me and asked what I usually liked/didn't like in a bra (i.e. underwire, padding, etc.)

Here's where things get really shocking.

When I started wearing a bra - my size (or so I thought) was 36B, then as I got older and even up until a month or so ago - my size (or so I thought) was 34C.  Wanna guess my professionally measured size?

32 DD

Yeah, that's a DOUBLE D.  I was in shock - I'm still in shock.

I found a very nice "everyday" bra, but they didn't have the color I wanted in stock, so we moved onto a nice supportive sports bra.  I found one that was comfortable, secure and (most importantly) kept my two boobs separate.

I tried out my new sports bra this morning during my run.  It was very supportive and I didn't get any chub-rub ouchies.  I call that - successful.

I ran seven miles this morning:

1.7 mile warm-up

1.5 mins - 10K pace
30 seconds - recovery

1.7 mile cool-down

I felt pretty good the entire time, but it was tiring.  Apparently this run is supposed to prepare us for bursts of speed (and here's the funny part) for when we need to PASS people during our marathon.  Ha! Ha! Ha!

Here is Cub working out this afternoon - this is his Karate Kid pose.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Misfit Monday

This week we are participating in a a bowling party for our local apartment trade association.

The theme is "Pajamarama". 

Since it is my mission in life to embarrass (thereby gaining attention and hopefully new business) the misfits for all the grief they give me, I took great joy in determining their costume.

Since I love Christmas  - one of my favorite movies is A Christmas Story (I love when they play it for 24 hours straight on TBS). One of my favorite scenes is the bunny pajama scene - you know - the gift from Aunt Clara:

I knew this would make the PERFECT costume, so I ordered the outfits (five)  and they came in the mail this weekend.

Buttin decided to open the package (he loves opening mail, can't stand to NOT open mail immediately - even if it's bunny costumes) in another room yesterday while I was in the kitchen with Cub.  

I could hear from the other room:  WHAT?  They're all pink.

Yes, Buttin - what color did you think the Aunt Clara bunny pajamas would be?

I can't wait to see pictures of five guys dressed up bowling in beautiful bunny pjs.  

You're welcome misfits.