Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Egg Hunting In 92 Degrees

Holy manhole cover it's hot!  I guess summer has arrived and it's still March. 

This afternoon our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt.  We were late because Cub took a long nap this afternoon (he and Buttin are both recovering from a little bug) so they were already finished with the egg hunting. 

Cub still enjoyed carrying around his basket (car) and collecting rocks and half-eaten cookies. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

The news this week has consistent mostly of updates on The Supreme Court and Trayvon Martin.

I decided to focus on Trayvon Martin this week.

I won't jump to any conclusions about what happened between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman until more facts (real ones) are released, but I do know that it must be devastating for everyone involved.

I feel badly for Trayvon Martin's family for obvious reasons, but I feel horrible for George Zimmerman too.  No matter the circumstances, his prejudices or mindset when he pulled the trigger - he still killed a person and that's got to be a huge amount of guilt to carry. 

As a result of Trayvon's death, the community of Sanford, Florida has also been pushed into the spotlight so I wanted to find a charity in Sanford.

I found Kids House of Seminole and their focus is on preventing the abuse of children and to aid victims of abuse.  The thought of any abuse to children makes me sad and this community doesn't need anymore sadness. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012


This morning I went out to my car (parked in my driveway)  to find a messy-mess in my front seat and no purse!  

My purse had been stolen and the perpetrator (perp or unsub, for short) left a big mess (which is saying a lot because my car isn't super clean).  

I did leave my car unlocked which probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I thought it would be OK in my driveway.  

The perp decided to dump all of the stuff inside my purse onto my front seat. They even went so far as to pull out all my credit cards, drivers license and check book and leave it in my car.  The only things they took were my crappy, old Banana Republic outlet purse and the wallet (with maybe $14 in crumpled up one dollar bills) I've had for over ten years.  I guess it's time to get a new purse and wallet - and maybe start bringing them inside with me every night and also maybe start locking my car doors. 

As retribution Cub decided to steal a basketball from our neighbors yard - here he is not looking guilty. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Turned Around

This past weekend, we turned Cub's car seat around - we have exciting weekends

It's pretty fun to watch him when he sees all the lights on the dashboard - it's like a whole new view for him.

It's difficult to get a cute picture of him in his car seat, but he's pretty freaking adorable. 

Here's Cub today having fun watching other kids play basketball.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Misfit Monday

Oh misfits, oh misfits - you never cease to amaze me (with your ridiculousness).  

Here is my dramatic (only somewhat fictitious) interpretation of a conversation between a misfit and Buttin.

Misfit:  I want $300 to do a job.
Buttin: OK, sounds fair.

Two days later (misfit only did part of the work)

Misfit:  Why did you only pay me $150? You said you'd pay me $300.
Buttin:  You only did half the work.
Misfit:  But you said you'd pay me $300.
Buttin:  But, you only did half the work.  
Misfit:  But, you told me I'd get $300.
Buttin: You didn't complete the job - you said you needed $300 to do ALL the work, but you only did PART OF the work so you only get part of the total.  
Misfit:  The part of the job I did was very difficult and took more work than I expected and you told me I'd get $300. 
Buttin: Go away. 

I think that Cub is ready to be a misfit.  Here he is doing a measurement in our house.

It looks better than what some misfits do.

Here's a picture of him doing measurements of the outside rug (again, looks good to me).


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Race Anniversary

Today was the 35th Annual Capitol 10K.

I did not run, but Cub's babysitter, Hannah, and her mother ran - it was their first race together.  The Capitol 10K was the first race my mom and I did together.  I think we wore cotton shirts, soccer short and big clown shoes.  If I remember correctly - we were exhausted after the 6.1 mile race and took three hour naps.

We certainly have come a long way from that day. I'm not really training for a race right now (and that feels strange), but I'm still doing long-ish runs on Saturdays - yesterday was 12 miles.  I saw lots of bluebonnets. (Mormor, this picture was taken very close to the point where you SHOULD have turned around during Frankenthon. Do you recognize it?)

In other news, very early this morning (around 2 AM) my baby mama friend, Heather, gave birth to a little girl, Elaine.  I'm so proud of her.  I went to visit the family at the hospital this morning and Laine is beautiful.

Early this morning Cub, Buttin and I took family photos with Callie.  I can't wait to share those photos - Callie showed us a few and Cub is too freaking photogenic.  

Here's a little picture of him (taken by me) - I just like how he's posing. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Letter Writing Campaign

One of my New Year's goals was to become more educated about the things I buy, the companies that make them and where they are made. 

In the broadest sense - I'm trying to just be more educated and aware about "things". 

Things include - cookie dough production, movie release dates and my local government representatives

Recently we moved from a district in Austin represented by Democrats to a district in a burby-mc-suburbia-land represented by Republicans. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote to my Texas State House Representative (Larry Gonzales) and my Texas State Senator (Steve Ogden) about Texas House Bill 15 (the one that mandates a women get an ultrasound prior to an abortion).  I have no idea why I am so passionate about this issue (it doesn't pertain to me personally), but I am.  I asked both men to write me back and explain their rationale for voting for HB 15. 

I received a response today from State Senator Steve Ogden.  I obviously don't agree with his position, but do appreciate that he wrote me back to explain.  He mentioned that he thinks most of his constituents agree with his position, but I'm not convinced that most of the women living close to me want the Texas government making medical decisions for them.

I'm not quite sure what to do next (besides vote) - it's not like I'm not going to walk door-to-door with a petition.  I'd like to write State Senator Odgen back, but I don't think my saying "you're wrong" is a very convincing argument.  At least I am trying to participate in civil discourse.

Here is Cub today enjoying the beautiful day (although he was little grumpy) on a swing.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

The Hunger Games starts today!  I'm taking the girl misfits to see it today at lunch.  

The connection between The Hunger Games and this week's Filanthropy Friday beneficiary (a suggestion from Liz) is somewhat tenuous - but I'm going to try to make it work.

In The Hunger Games, the 24 participants/tributes are stalked by cameras in a winner-gets-to-live teenage death match.   As horrible as this fictitious reality-tv program sounds (here comes the link), the threats to civilians in the Sudan are much worse (and are real).  

The Satellite Sentinel Project was co-founded by George Clooney (one of Buttin's man crushes and an actor - so there's another pseudo link).   Mr. Clooney got the idea for the project while on a trip to the south Sudan in 2010.  He thought (and I'm paraphrasing) - what if we could follow the bad men and document their organization - then we could send out fast responses to potential threats to people.   George Clooney calls it the "anti-genocide paparazzi". 

This satellite tracking, analyzing and mobilizing program sounds like something that "The Capitol" (from The Hunger Games) would do, but in this situation it's for good - especially since George Clooney is doing it.

This week I donated $25 to the Satellite Sentinel Project. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?

Last night, as is customary, I had dinner with Liz.

We decided to eat at Pluckers - a very fancy and classy chicken place. 

I arrived a few minutes before Liz and ordered our beverages.  The beverages arrived.  Then I decided to order an appetizer - fried pickles.  I was told by the waiter that I couldn't order anything because their computers were down and rest assured that as soon as the computers were working - I would have pickles.  Sigh.  I wait (pickle-less).

Liz arrived and I told her about how we couldn't order food.  We came up with a genius strategy for our waiter - write our pickle order (on paper, with a pen) and walk it back to the kitchen.  Brilliant! The waiter told us that his manager told him he couldn't do write down our order - Liz promptly asked for the manager.  The manager told us that their corporate headquarters would not allow them to hand-write the orders and the food-cooking-people were told they couldn't make food without the orders coming through the computer.  We were told that the general manager (apparently a chicken restaurant computer wiz) was on his way.  Whoppee! 

We honestly felt kind of badly for the manager because he really did want to feed us delicious chicken, but was powerless.  Computers don't seem necessary to food preparation, but apparently they are extremely important.  

Liz and I decided not to wait for the general manager/IT genius to arrive and went to another restaurant where we were promptly served food.

Speaking of food, here is Cub taking a walk with Mouser.  Cub wanted to go see the birds that gather around a bird feeder down the trail.  I was trying to explain to Cub that cats (like Mouser) like to eat birds (seems like a good lesson for an almost 2 year old) so the birds might run away from us.

After I told the charming story about Mouser eating birds - Cub kept saying cat and then "eat" (with signs).

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buttin The Hulk

Ever since Cub started making faces like this:

I started doing a little research on toddlers and tantrums.

It made think about what adults do when we're upset.   Buttin and I tend to hold in our anger - I think because we don't want to seem out of control.

Today Buttin got very angry (not at me, I'm an angel) and I think if he had been around a person (like the iPad repair guy), he'd have punched them and instead of blogging right now, I'd be bailing Buttin out of jail. 

I wonder if people who let their anger out (verbally, not physically) feel better.  Maybe we should all have a tantrum every once in a while. 

Here's Cub today (after a little tantrum) playing on the trail - he sure looks happy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thirty Second Movie Reviews

It's been a while since I've done movie reviews.

I love this movie.  It's raunchy, hilarious and sappy (no big surprise - I cried - a few times).  At the end of the day, parenting isn't easy - but if you parent with the right person, it is romantic.  


My expectations were not high, but this movie is awesome!  I laughed from beginning to end.  It's funny, but also extremely clever and now (against all my best efforts), I like Channing Tatum.

This is a sweet, funny and enjoyable movie.  It's kind of like a fairytale - how one coincidence leads to another and might lead you to your destiny.  Maybe Cash will still want to live at home when he's thirty . . .

Here is Cub today doing "big, big, big"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sometimes Saturdays Are For Pictures

I ran 10 miles today in what can only be described as a bug storm.  I was covered with those tiny little nat-fly-like bugs when I got home.  I guess our nice, cool weather is over - hello hot, humid summer.  

Cub had a blast today and I took a lot of pictures.  

Buttin went with Uncle Jonathan to an all-day concert so Aunt Liz decided to come over and play this afternoon.

All I can say is that the two of them had quite a bit of fun together (more than I think either of them expected to have - or at least more than Aunt Liz expected)


One of their cutest moments, I didn't get on camera - but Liz walked away and Cub ran, squealing (with delight) towards her.

Here is one more of Cub.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

It is time now for another slightly political (and maybe a little ridiculous)  Filanthropy Friday.

**Warning - if you love Rick Santorum, you might be offended. **

I wanted to keep this week's Filanthropy Friday  - light (as in, not depressing).  Liz and I brainstormed a little during dinner on Wednesday night (if you want to read about how she ruined food for everyone, read her blog) and the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster sounded fun, but I couldn't find a way to donate.  

Yesterday - inspiration struck when I read an article about Rick Santorum promising a war on pornGood grief.  I'm not exactly a spend-ten-hours-a-day-watching-porn kind of girl, but I honestly don't care who does.  I certainly don't need the government protecting me (or my marriage) from the perils of porn.  

This is why I don't understand how good and intelligent people like my wonderful friend Liz can associate with Santorum-ish republicans (to be fair, I'm quite certain Liz would spit sharks if he became the nominee) .  Look, I understand it when people (republicans and libertarians) say they want government out of their lives and that the government shouldn't be making decisions for individuals (or states) - I DO GET IT - sometimes none of us are as dumb as all of us.  What I do not understand is how these same people who want less government intervention in their wallets, want more government in their personal lives.  The hypocrisy is stupefying.  I know there is hypocrisy on both sides - I do - but let's try to stay focused on Rick Santorum and his hatred of sex for fun.

This week (actually yesterday when I read the inspirational article) I decided to find the charity that would most offend Rick Santorum - but I've already donated twice to Planned Parenthood - so I found The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.

The website really says it best:

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence® is a leading-edge Order of queer nuns. Since our first appearance in San Francisco on Easter Sunday, 1979, the Sisters have devoted ourselves to community service, ministry and outreach to those on the edges, and to promoting human rights, respect for diversity and spiritual enlightenment. We believe all people have a right to express their unique joy and beauty and we use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit.

I love it and I'm sure Rick Santorum would be completely offended so I donated $15 and sent the donation notification (in his name) to his campaign. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mormor & Dadoo

Mormor & Dadoo are in town for a short visit.

Here are Mormor and Cub playing on the slide.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

First  - a little background.

Buttin makes me laugh.  He's a great writer and very clever.  

Whenever one of us is with Cub and the other is away (like when I was at a meeting today), the one with Cub sends pictures and captions to the other.  We try to take pictures and come up with (somewhat) clever captions.

Second - a little more background.

A little over a week ago - we had Puppy vs. Cats - Round 1.  Buttin declared the cats - WINNERS.  Last night, Buttin was gone and Cub was in bed so I decided to let Riggs and Scratch inside together.  They fought and then Scratch ran way.  I declared Riggs the WINNER, but spoke too soon.

This morning I dropped Riggs off at doggie daycare.  They called  (I'm used to getting calls from Cub's school, but not from Riggs' school) about an hour later and told me that Riggs had a scratch on his upper leg that was starting to swell.  They told me they would clean the wound and then let Riggs play, but that we should plan to take him to the vet tomorrow.  They called back at 2:00 this afternoon - he had a temperature, was limping and lethargic so they were going to take him to the vet next door.  

Buttin picked Cub up from school and then Riggs up from the vet (Riggs is on antibiotics).  He had to carry Riggs from the truck and into the house because Riggs couldn't walk very well.  

Slightly long story short, here was the picture Buttin sent to me along with the caption:

Eat This Fishey.  It Will Help. 

The picture and caption made my heart happy. 

Here's another picture of Cub (taken by Buttin) - he's feeling much better.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


SXSW has begun in Austin.

I'm pretty uncool when it comes to music (Me: Hey Butin - have you heard that new Brittany Spears song? ) and we are about as far away north from SXSW as you can live (and still be considered Austin).  It's become increasingly difficult for locals to participate in the technology/movie/music festival, but Buttin is downtown tonight supporting one of our misfits (drum player/carpet sales person extraordinaire). 

Of all the SXSW stuff I've seen online - this is my favorite tshirt. Welcome To Austin.  Please Don't Move Here. I hear Dallas is Great!

Cub's ears seem to be on the mend (although last night he coughed a bunch) - here he is playing outside.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Misfit Monday

It's the first day of Spring Break.

We have a few misfits on vacation.  I'm sure we still had a misfit do something misfitty, but I don't recall what it was right now.  

Cub still wasn't 100% himself today so I took him to the doctor after school.  He has  a double ear infection, but is still a pretty happy kiddo and should hopefully be better in a couple of days with antibiotics.  Here he is playing outside today - his expression just makes me laugh. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight Savings - Bleh

I'm not really a fan of daylight savings - at least not the Spring version.

I wake up at 4:50 am and go to bed at 8:30 pm - I like the sun to rise and set early - otherwise it just makes me feel old.  The only reason Buttin comes to bed with me at 8:00 pm is because it's dark.  I'm convinced that when it's still light out at 8:00 pm - he won't come to bed so early.  

Cub is still a little under the weather, but at least it was nice outside today.

Here's Cub playing in what's left of the creek (from the rain).


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

Today was rainy (very) and cold.

We braved the rainy, cold weather this morning for a little time outside.  I LOVE that the greenbelt is our backyard.

This afternoon we had to get out of the house and find a place to let Cub run around - IKEA!

We had a ton of fun at IKEA - playing with curtains.

Testing out beds . . .

Eventually, he got pretty tired and was in mini-meldown mode so we headed straight for the exit without making a purchase. 

Even with the mini-meltdown - it was an awesome day.

P.S. I did a little 8 mile run this morning and came home looking like a drowned, frozen rat. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

Last week, the news of tornadoes is multiple states - Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Kansas -  was devastating. 

There was one story in particular that broke my heart and I can't even read it without crying - over and over again.  It's the story of Angel Babcock, the 15-month old toddler who was found alone and alive in a field in Indiana.  Her parents and two siblings died in the storms. Doctors were hopeful she would survive, but on Monday of this week she died. 

I cried in my office and knew that I wanted to focus my donation this week to helping the communities destroyed by the tornadoes.  I found Team Rubicon.  They're an awesome organization - they deploy returning veterans to disaster areas both here and abroad.  Veterans have the skills needed for crisis situations and Team Rubicon gives them the opportunity for continued service.  The more I read about this organization, the more I like it. 

This week I donated $20 to Team Rubicon in memory of Angel Babcock. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Fit Foods Woodlands Marathon Race Report

This was my first time running The Woodlands Marathon (also my first time ever running anything in The Woodlands) and actually the first time in 19 years since they've had a marathon in The Woodlands.

As my three readers know, I did not finish The Livestrong Austin Marathon, but I was determined not to let all my training be for a DNF.  With a little interwebs research I found The Woodlands Marathon and begged for a spot (they were sold out). 

Here's the summary:

Packet Pick-Up: A
Goodie Bag Stuff: B- (there was this interesting drink called iChill and I drank it the night before and maybe it helped me relax). 
Technical Shirt: A++  (a cute and simple white shirt - halleluiah!)
Race Day Organization: B (there were some oddities)
Course: A (for flatness) and C (for interestingness) 
Water Stops: A
Crowd Participation: C
Post-Race Food: F

I drove to Houston on Friday evening and picked up my packet without much ado.  I never really spend time at a race expo and this one seemed pretty typical.  I checked into my hotel, ate some pretty crappy room service and was in bed and asleep by 9:00 (I did like that iChill thing we got in the race baggie).

Race start time was 6:47 so I was awake at 5:30 getting ready (this included eating my snack, brushing my hair and pooping - not all at the same time).  I was out the hotel door by 6:15 - it was a .2 mile walk to the start line and that did not suck.  I was wearing my goodwill purchased sweatshirt and the temperature was in the mid-50s and cloudy.  

The course was a 13.1 mile loop (so as a marathoner, I did the loop twice) and the elite runners started at 6:45, the marathoners (including me!) started at 6:47 and the halfers started at 7:00.  This was one of the oddities. The entire (and I mean entire) first loop I was passed by half-marathoners.   In theory, half-marathoners should be faster than marathoners so if they wanted to do a staggered start - I'm not sure why they didn't start the half-marathoners first.  They really should have asked my opinion.  

The course was incredibly flat (like me circa 1988) and uninteresting.  It's was a 13.1 mile loop on asphalt streets, lined with trees.  Every so often I'd see a house or Taco Bell, but that was the highlight of the sites.  Thankfully I don't run for the scenery.  

The entire first loop was great.  It was cloudy and cool (I actually took off my goodwill sweatshirt before the start) and I was going my slow pace (and getting passed by marathoners and half-marathoners).   The race had water stops every 1.5 miles or so and Cliff gel spots (which are the ones I use!!!) at mile 4 and mile 10 (so again at mile 17 and 23).  There was more crowd support than I expected and my FAVORITE sign said "Oreo Speedwagon" and there were kids handing out Oreos - it was awesome.  As it turns out, I run pretty well fueled by Oreos.  

As I started the second loop, there were considerably fewer runners (I believe total runners was 6,500 and total marathoners was around 1,500).  Somewhere around mile 14 I discovered that I was running a little ahead and sometimes a little behind the 4:45 pacers (they would walk the water stops and I was running them, so I'd get a little ahead).  I decided that I should try to stay around them for as long as I felt good.  One of the pacers was kind of chatty (but I was listening to my book so I didn't really hear him).  

Around mile 16 I decided that if I was feeling good at mile 22, I'd start listening to music.  I usually run faster when listening to music, but I didn't want to turn on music until I was closer to the end.  I was listening to Divergent (another dystopian young adult novel - a la - The Hunger Games) and really enjoying it.  

During the second loop it seemed like all the spectators went home.  Thankfully, the "Oreo Speedwagon" was still there, so I grabbed another Oreo (yum - for some reason crunchy tasted so good after all those gooey-gel things).  At some point during the second loop it started to rain, but just a little and it kind of cooled things off (it was a cool rain, not the gross Houston muggy rain).  

I got to mile 22, ate a Cliff gel and switched to music.  As soon as the music came on, I started to cry - apparently when I'm running (in a race) music makes me cry and run faster.  I was pretty close to the 4:45 pacers and I was feeling really good (for having already run 22 miles).  I cruised for the next 2.5 miles.  Around mile 24.5 I started thinking that maybe I had put my music on a little too soon - the excitement and energy of the music had worn off and I was starting to feel tired.  The sun had also been out for the last several miles (since around mile 20) and I was starting to get very hot.

I knew if I walked it would be difficult to start running (jogging) again so I pushed through the last 1.5 miles by thinking about the wonderful shower I was going to take when I was done.  It worked and I crossed the finish line at 4:46:13 (my goal was to go under 5 hours) - a new PR by over 20 minutes!

The end of the race pavilion was beautiful, but the end of race food was crap.  I wanted a bagel or a banana (or both) and they had spicy rice and beans (I cannot imagine anything more disgusting to eat).  There might have been other food, but I couldn't find it and all I wanted to do was take a shower (the one I had been dreaming about for the last 1.5 miles).

I walked back to the hotel (again it was great to be so close), took a shower and drove home to Buttin and Cub.  

I'm really happy that I gave it (a marathon) another shot and The Woodlands Marathon was a great place to do it. This marathon was also my first time to raise money for a race.  Maybe you read (about five hundred times here or on Facebook) that I was raising money for Girls On The Run and that I surpassed my goal (THANK YOU!).  Girls On The Run sent me a technical race shirt to wear (among some other cute stuff) and although I'm not usually a fan of wearing something new on race day - I did - and it worked out great.
Here I am!  See, lots of just trees.

Cub came home sick from school today (low fever and runny nose), but after a FOUR hour nap - he was outside playing in the rain.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear Cash - 23 Months

My dear sweet Cash,

I've said it before, but this time I really mean it - I've been dreading (and also looking forward to) this month for a while.

This month (your 23rd) is probably the last one where I can say you are "such and such" MONTHS old.  People would probably look at me strangely (even more than they already do) if I said you were 180 months old when you're fifteen.  From here on out, my Cub, your age will be measured in years (or half years).                            

A few days ago, I wrote about some "firsts".  My wise friend, Jen, made a comment on that post about embracing the firsts because there are so many milestones that are "lasts" that never get noticed.

Like, the last time I will refer to your age in months.

It got me thinking about what "last" milestones have come and gone without a mention.  I wanted to take some time today, on your 23 month birthday, to celebrate some of the "lasts"  we've shared. 

The last time you nursed.  Thankfully for the both of us you weened so gradually that I don't even remember the last time you nursed, but it was probably somewhere around your 18 or 19 month birthday.   I have some baby mama friends who can vividly recall this milestone and my heart hurts for them because I know the ending was sad.

The last time you ate baby food.  Again, I don't know the exact day when you last ate mushed food - I'm guessing somewhere around the 12 - 15 month (it's a big range, I know).  I used to make all your baby food so you'd think I'd remember the end more clearly, but I don't.  I'm sure you're thankful that I stopped taking so many pictures of you while you ate baby food.

The last time you crawled. To be fair, sometimes you still crawl around when you're being silly.  I don't remember the last time you crawled around as your primary mode of transportation - somewhere around 13 - 14 months.  I remember meeting with the other baby mamas and watching you and your friends crawl around - crawling is such a funny looking movement.  You were a cute crawler, Cubbie.

The last time you woke up in the middle of the night (for a non-illness related reason).  We used to spend so much time together in the middle of the night.  Don't get me wrong, I love my sleep, but I do miss our time together of being still and close.  I don't really miss the nights where you would want to play for two hours in the middle of the night, but I know that I'll never get that time back.   I hate it when you get sick, but I do love how you need to snuggle when you're not feeling well. 

All of these milestones are bittersweet  - the last of one thing (like crawling), usually means the first of something else (like walking).  It's always the firsts that get remembered/celebrated and not the lasts.  I'm going to try and remember some of the lasts and embrace them like I would a first. 

Your dad and I love you so much.  Everyday you make us laugh and we love hearing your voice (you now say, "cat", "bat", "bike" and "water").  

Please be sweet to me and your dad and please don't grow up too quickly.

Your Mom

Here's a picture of you on your 23 month birthday.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Misfit Monday

So last week I mentioned that we had a van stolen

We found it.  So, that's at least (kind of) one good thing.

In keeping with a tradition I started a few weeks ago - it's time to play Misfit vs. Toddler.

SITUATION:  How would a toddler/misfit dry a wet wall?

TODDLER:  Spit, drool and slobber all over the wall.  Rub the spit into the wall.  Blow bubbles onto the wall. Draw with crayon on the wall.   Take a nap.

MISFIT:  Stick a fan into the hole in the wall and blow out all the insulation thereby causing a larger mess ( insulation on clothes, furniture, carpet and walls) than the one we were originally called out to repair.  

CONCLUSION:  Toddler Wins!

Cub is saying lots of new words - he says his name as "Tash"and I heard the word "slide" for the first time today.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cat Bites Dog

Perhaps not that dramatic, but pretty close.

This morning I made up my mind that we were no longer living in a segregated house. 

The cats and the big dog MUST learn to at least tolerate each other (I'm no longer delusional that the cats and big dog are going to cuddle up together and pose for pictures).

We decided that I would go outside with Cub to play and Buttin would play referee with the cats and Riggs.  The point was for Buttin to only get involved if an animal was about to get injured.

The following is the actual text transcript of what followed (I've edited some of the words to keep it PG-13).

(Cub and I are outside and we hear lots and lots of barking)
Buttin:  Scratch may not be the most loveable cat but he is an absolute bad-ass.
Me:  What is going on in there?
Buttin: Craziness. Scratch is on the table, Riggs is going ape-poo. 
Me:  Is Scratch fighting back?
Buttin:  Oh yeah.  Refuses to give an inch. 
Me:  Mouser ran upstairs?
Buttin: (Scratch) had numerous opportunities to leave but it's like he wants to fight.  No idea where Mouse is. Scratch is one cool mother plucker. 
Me:  You have some admiration for him now?
Buttin:  Like a kittie statue with Riggs inches away then POW!!!!  Screw the dog.  This cat will protect us. 

(Pause for non-cat/dog texting about chalk and iPhones)

Buttin:  Riggs just got double teamed.  Scratch went for reinforcements. I rounded the corner to see Mouser flying at Riggs.  Mouser went hard at Riggs and now the dog won't leave my side.  

Me: Good for Mouser.
Buttin:  This is awesome.

The end.

Riggs left the cats alone for the rest of the morning.  

I'm quite sure we'll have to do this excercise a few more times because Riggs is dumb, but I'm at least hopeful that we can all live in the same house at the same time - one day. 

Today was beautiful so this afternoon we went to the Austin Kite Festival. It was freaking huge - I was expecting about five hippies with a goat to be flying kites in the park - ta da, a festival!  But this was a really awesome festival - I've never seen so many kites or so many people getting hit in the head by kites. 

Here's Cub pointing at (not a kite) a dog probably.

I love this picture - Cub holding on to Buttin's pocket and Buttin holding Cub's head.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ultra-Mini Race Report

PR by about 20 minutes at The My Fit Foods Woodlands Marathon!

Unofficial time: 4:46:19.

Overall grade: A-

Here's Cub today - I sure did miss him.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

Tomorrow is The My Fit Foods Woodlands Marathon and for the past couple of weeks I've been raising money for Girls On The Run Of Greater Houston.

I surpassed my $200 goal - but it's always nice to have a little extra!

Today I donated $20 to my own Girls On The Run fundraising page (I made my name "anonymous" so that I don't look so horrible, but I'm telling all my three readers anyway so it kind of defeats the purpose).  

In addition to Girls On The Run - I also donated $10 to The Hall Steps Foundation.  Their primary goal is to fight global poverty by helping to build communities and giving them tools to take the next step (get it? because it's called the steps foundation).  The Hall Steps Foundation was founded by runners Sara and Ryan Hall  (for those non-runners, Ryan will be running the marathon this summer in the London Olympics).  The HSF is the primary beneficiary of The My Fit Foods Woodlands Marathon, so it's kind of like I'm giving to them twice (first with my entry fee and now with my direct donation, I'm pretty generous).

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Quick post tonight - I'm packing and getting ready to go to Houston tomorrow for The My Fit Foods Woodlands Marathon

Two quick things about Cub:
  1. I don't think I've mentioned it yet - but he says "pad" as in "iPad". 
  2. Our nighttime snuggle routine has changed a little.  He likes to pull up my shirt and lay his cheek on my stomach while we snuggle.  I wonder if he likes to listen to my tummy make noises. 
Here's Cub today giving me the what for - I had/have no idea what he was trying to tell me, but he was very serious.