Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Helpful Hints

My best friend Liz has a blog - The Year of Taking.

In her honor - I'm taking something from her (an idea).

Liz has a habit of writing a 10-page instruction manual for a pet sitter when she's going out of town for two days.  She leaves a detailed, type-written list of rules and insights like , "feed the dogs" and "Kody is afraid of thunder" and "lock the doors".  It's actually pretty impressive.

I decided to write my own instruction manual about Cub to give to Mormor and Gigi (while Buttin and I are on vacation).  To be fair, the guide I wrote is far less detailed than the ones Liz writes.

Some of my favorite things about my "helpful hints" for Mormor and Gigi include:
  • A daily schedule for Cub
  • A color coded map of Cub's room (in case Gigi gets lost)
  • Information like, "Cub doesn't know how to spell, so you made need to help him with You Tube".  
It's a pretty exciting read.

Even with all my type-written lists, I still had to hand write some stuff this evening

So, I'll be taking a little blog break for the next few days, but I will return - hopefully well-rested and full of stories (about how many naps I took).

I sure am going to miss this little face (and big personality).


  1. Hope you are having a lovely vacation! I write a novel when away from little h for more than 20 minutes. Liz looks like a fun friend.

  2. Becca - Liz is the "funnest" friend ever!

    - Liz
    Writing from the Uber-Fun Liz HQ