Monday, January 31, 2011

Misfit Monday

Happy Birthday to my husband, Buttin - the misfit leader (the super cool guy in the black wig).

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good. Bad. Very Ugly.

Race report - fast version (as in, the opposite of my run).

Good - I finished not in last place.

Bad - It was hot AND humid AND raining.

Very Ugly - Got sick for the first time ever after a race. Apparently Gatorade burns coming back up, but taste much the same as it did going down.

More tomorrow (or Tuesday).

Friday, January 28, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

Last week's post was kind of sad, so I wanted to make my focus this week kind of fun (or funny).

I was on a mission to find the most random, silly or funny charity I could find, but there aren't a ton of FUN charities (at least none that I could find in my 5 minutes of research). I'm sure many have fun activities, but most of them focus on sick kids, sick adults, abandoned animals, abandoned adults and every other depressing state a human, animal or our environment could possibly face.

I found a charity that sounded AWESOME, the name alone made me want to donate - Doobys Clown Brotherhood for the Uplift of Gods People Inc. Pretty good, right? Sadly, it doesn't appear that they are still operating, so I couldn't find a way to donate money.

I decided to focus my attention on this weekend's main event (besides eating cookie dough) - The Chevron Houston Marathon. I went to their website and they had a whole list of charities associated with the event. Whoopee!

OK, most of these charities focus on sad stuff too, BUT I found one charity that seemed to have a positive non-illness related goal - fitness, nutrition (I'm sure they're pro-cookie dough) & kids. Marathon Kids!

They say:

For every $10 you give, another child can participate in our free six month program and feel the satisfaction and pride of completing a marathon.

So, I donated $10 to Marathon Kids in my mother's name.

Yeah mom! Let's have a great run on Sunday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Me <--- Grumpy or Rightfully Pissed?

I don't know if aunt flow is about to visit or if it's just the fact that Buttin has been gone for the last few days, but I am a RAGING grump. I, me, who is mostly a sweet gal - just ask me - walked out of Dr. Sharpie's office today.

Cub was going for a follow-up appointment for his ear infection. He managed to take an early nap today at school (but yesterday decided against taking a morning nap at all), so he was already at the edge of fussy by our 1:30 appointment time (we arrived at 1:15). The nurse took us back around 1:40 and I asked her (very politely) - Is the Dr. running behind? If so, I'll gladly reschedule. The nurse assured me that we would be seen within the next couple of minutes.

We wait and wait and wait and wait . . .

Cub is doing pretty well, but I can tell he's thinking - hey mom, this place smells like a wet bus toilet and illness, I wanna go home, have boob juice and take a nap.

Finally, it's 2:10 (30 minutes AFTER being told it would only be a couple of minutes and 40 minutes AFTER our schedule appointment time) and I walk out the door. Dr. Sharpie is sitting at her desk as we walk out and I tell her calmly that we'll reschedule because Cash is ready to go home and we just can't wait any longer.

She (somewhat) curtly replies, that she's sorry, but she had a "complicated" patient.

Look, I get it, I'm in the service industry - sometimes things don't go according to schedule. However, we would have gladly rescheduled if we had been told the doctor was so far behind. We weren't given that option and I find that discourteous.

It would be one thing if this was the first time something like this has happened, but it's not. It would be another thing if I felt like when we did see Dr. Sharpie we received EXCELLENT care, but I think it's more like average. I'm sick of accepting mediocre as satisfactory. There must be something better available.

I know he is MY baby, but Cash deserves better than average.

I think I take health care more seriously now that I have a child and because I'm also the one paying for it (as a small business owner, I/the business technically pay for the entire premium).

So, I'm on the hunt for a new pediatrician. Unless Buttin tells me I'm being unreasonable, which he won't, because I'm not. Hurumph!

Now, totally switching gears - here are a couple pictures of Cub from today.

Being tossed in the air by Buttin/Daddy. Yeah! Daddy's home!

Modeling (in quite a nice ensemble) the new onesie Buttin/Daddy bought for Cub in Vegas.

My Brain by Liz

This guest post is brought to you today, by the letter "L" as in Liz, Cub's grievance documentation specialist & the most fascinating person I know and I know at least 5 people (tm).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scaredy Cub

Cub is an extremely happy, playful (his new favorite game is chase) and social little man. However, he's starting to fear a few things:
  • Strangers or people he sees infrequently - I feel so badly for Tub. He's been to our house twice in the last week and both times Cub got a huge pouty lip, his face got all red and there were real tears. This fear only seams to extend to men - other children and most women are still OK.
  • The vacuum (I always have to look up how to spell that word) - Today I turned on the dust buster to pick up some dog food off the floor. Cash made the pouty face, darted (speedily crawled) for my legs and started to cry. I can only assume one of two things (a) Cub doesn't want me to clean or (b) he hears the vacuum so infrequently that the new noise scared him. I'm voting for A.
  • The diaper sprayer - Tonight while he was playing in his bath, I decided to use the diaper sprayer to clean off a diaper so that I could do laundry tonight (fun!). You would have thought I pinched him five times and then took away his favorite toy - oh the dramatics! It's very difficult to comfort a baby in the tub without getting soaking wet. Maybe he thought he might get sprayed with poop juice. I know I cry when I get poop juice all over myself.
Although I never like to see him upset, I know all of these new fears are just a part of learning and growing.

Now, here's a funny picture of Cub from today. I caught an action shot right as he was starting a sneeze.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Misfit Monday

This might be the start of a weekly tradition, we'll see.

Last week, my small business owner updates were quite popular. I frequently find myself telling stories about our misfits to my friends and family.

I'm going to TRY and reserve Mondays for misfit and small business owner stories.

Just to prove that I'm a good sport and equally deserving of the title, misfit, today's story will be about me.

Lost Keys

A few weeks ago I was at a committee meeting for a local trade association. I'm a committee chair, so I try to be as professional as possible (like, I shower the day of meetings).

We have the committee meeting at a local restaurant.

The meeting went wonderfully and at the end of it, I started looking for my keys. I have a big purse so I frequently lose my keys inside my purse. Soon, everyone on the committee (thankfully it was the December meeting so there were only 10 or so people in attendance) started to look for my keys.

Eventually I tell everyone to give up, I must have just left them inside my car. I often lay my keys down on the front seat when I'm collecting stuff from inside my car to bring into a meeting.

I walked out to my car with the staff liaison for the committee and as we're walking towards the parking lot, I notice my car headlights are on. I HAD LEFT MY CAR UNLOCKED AND RUNNING DURING THE ENTIRE MEETING!

Yup, I'm a misfit.

P.S. Merry Christmas to Liz.

OK, here's a picture of Cub (with his hair all in his face) & Buttin. I love taking pictures of the two of them. Buttin's going away for the next few days and I'm really going to miss him.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Countdown Begins

One week from today will be my first post-Graby race - the Houston half-marathon. I'm a little nervous, kind of unprepared but very excited. I'm running it with my mom and two of my best friends (who are sisters). One of the sisters is 22 weeks pregnant with twins. Even though she's preggo, she'll still probably beat me.

I'm hoping this will be the start of me racing more and blogging more about racing/running. My mom and are I are planning to be half fanatics by the end of April. I haven't written a race report in FOREVER, but I'm looking forward to a good report.

In Cub news . . .

Maybe you've noticed, but Cub's hair is often in his face. Buttin calls it a reverse mullet - party in the front, business in the back. I finally understand my mom's constant request - get your hair out of your face. When he eats, he gets more food in his hair than in his mouth. Today I decided to put a little barrette in his hair - it's a very manly black barrette and he just looks so cute!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ah, Massage

I got a massage today. It was delightful.

So delightful, in fact, that I'm too relaxed to write anything of significance.

Here's a picture of Graby playing outside today.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

Compared to some, I haven't been blogging THAT long. However, in my year and a half as a running, small business owning, and now momming blogger - I've met some really wonderful people.

The blogging community is vast and diverse with thousands of little sub-communities. I love so many things about bloggers and one thing I really love is their ability to come together and support fellow bloggers in need.

Earlier this week I found out a fellow cloth diaper loving, mommy blogger's daughter, Emily, (she is three years old) was diagnosed with cancer (ganglionueroblastoma). A bunch of other mommy bloggers have gotten together and organized a raffle on her behalf. There are a ton of natural-type companies donating products to be used as raffle prizes. It's fantastic to see people who have never physically met come together and support her and her family.

Every day (hour, minute & second) I am thankful for Cub's health and happiness. Today, I donated $10 to Emily's fund. This donation actually feels more personal than my other Filanthropy Friday donations, and I like knowing exactly who is being helped.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Small Business Owner Updates

When Buttin and I moved from the corporate America world to the small business owner world, I don't think we quite knew what to expect. As much as we have daily tasks, our days are so unpredictable. However, nothing is as unpredictable as our misfits.

Early this week, everyone saw the return of Psycho Stephanie (from preggo days) when I found out that some misfits had been drinking at the office last Friday. We have a pretty relaxed working environment, but drinking at work is pretty much one of the few things that makes me angry.

I was so pissed off that the first thing I did when I went into work on Monday was write up our new zero tolerance policy for alcohol and illegal substances (instead of working on our big sales presentation) and make everyone (to be fair) sign it. I never thought this is something that we'd need to do. Coming from the corporate America world, no one drank at work (well, except when I worked from home and then I started drinking at noon) and the fact that you'd need to tell people not to drink at work NEVER occurred to me. Like I said, unpredictable.

OK, so speaking of our sales presentation - it was yesterday. We did everything that we possibly could and I think we did a fantastic job. If we don't get the job it certainly wasn't for lack of trying - we threw everything at them we could and did it very professionally. This is one situation (I think) where our corporate America experience works to our benefit (versus the whole drinking at work thing, which I was not very prepared for). I'm very proud of our work and I'm glad it's over.

So, onto the Graby picture of the day. His teacher's birthday was today, so they sent us home with a birthday donut. Here's Graby with the donut.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Too Tired For Thought

Today's post is a lazy post. As a warning, tomorrow's post will be too (but it's Wordless Wednesday, so that's OK).

I didn't sleep well last night, have a cold (or allergies) and we have a BIG sales presentation tomorrow that is occupying much (of what's left) of my brain power.

At Cub's 9 month appointment, Dr. Sharpie said we could try peanut butter. It seems like every other kid is allergic to peanut butter so I was a little hesitant. I tried just a tiny-tiny bit a few days ago and Cub ate a couple little bites without incident. Today, we went full on peanut butter.

He seemed to enjoy it and I got a kick out of watching him make mum-mum noises for a half hour while he tried to get it off the roof of his mouth.

I haven't posted some funny pictures of Cub in a while, so here are a couple of him with peanut butter.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Back On Schedule?

Even though Cub didn't have school today, I feel like we're starting to get back on schedule after the craziness of the holidays and the early January scramble.

We still have lots to do during the next couple of weeks, but I feel some sense of normalcy returning to our lives. I got to run this morning, which always helps and the sun is back! Oh, how I have missed the sun. I think Graby and I were going a little stir crazy this weekend being cooped up with no outside time.

He's started to do this rather cute thing - whenever I open the back door (usually to let Molly in or out) he bolts (literally, will drop everything - include my iPhone) towards the door. He's so focused and determined to get outside. I'm looking forward to Spring and the return of swimming everyday.

Here's Graby getting some outside time today, while also working on his smile.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Is That?

Like most mothers (except maybe that one from Teen Mom I see on the news all the time), I try to make the best decisions for our family, which I completely admit aren't the best decisions for every family.
  • I buy organic when possible, but sometimes ye ole Target brand is purchased
  • I cloth diaper - which I actually really enjoy.
  • I make Graby's baby food - although I don't think he always appreciate my culinary talents (roasted peaches and bananas, anyone?).
  • I try to prevent Graby from eating paste - but I'm sure he occasionally (or frequently) eats things that would make other mothers cringe.
  • I try to purchase products that are safe or good for Graby's skin - things that arefree of parabens.
Wait. What was that last one?

I'll admit it. I look for items that are "paraben free" even though I have no idea what's in a paraben. It's one of those things that I read while pregnant - PARABENS ARE BAD. My brain filed that nugget away without really questioning it or researching it.

I think this happens to the best of us (moms) - we read something (i.e. STAY AWAY FROM PARABENS), superficially it sounds like a good plan so we decide to agree with it, but don't have the time to check up on the claims. All consumers are hit with numerous marketing messages - multiply that by 10,000 for mom consumers, plus add a little guilt and you've got moms running to fifteen different stores looking for just the right diaper rash cream.

While I was pregnant, Buttin and I went shopping for Lumpy stuff. When we purchased a soap he asked me - Why this soap? I said (and looked at him like he was stupid), Because it's free of parabens! Thankfully, he didn't ask any questions.

From my five minute Google research, here's what I learned.

OK - so what is a paraben?

Short answer: a synthetic, chemical preservative used in a lot of things like shampoos, cleansers and toothpaste.

What's so wrong with parabens?

Short answer: apparently, they mimic the hormone estrogen - which can play a role in the development of breast cancer.

Are they THAT bad?

Sort answer: multiple studies have been done on both sides, they conclude that either parabens are bad or parabens are OK. No shocker and not much help. There ARE safer alternatives to parabens (like vitamin E and grape see oil).

What's a mom like me to do?

Short answer: avoid eating and rubbing parabens all over my family's body, but don't go crazy if a certain body lotion I love doesn't proclaim to be "paraben-free".

As with most things all I can do is be reasonable, which is sometimes a lot to ask of this mom.

Now, here's a picture of my almost healthy (although now he has a raging diaper rash - I'm blaming the antibiotics or the new food he ate, spinach) and almost paraben-free baby:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Weekend Without Buttin

The Graby and I are on our own this weekend.

Buttin and I decided that Graby probably shouldn't make the trip to the panhandle. We got some antibiotics (for a minor ear infection) and a steroid (for croup) from the doctor yesterday (cub's first prescriptions - yes, I kept them) and I think he's on the mend.

Since Graby isn't old enough to stay home by himself (maybe next month) and our pets are too irresponsible to be trusted with a baby - I stayed home too.

Buttin went to the airport this morning and doesn't get home till late tomorrow night. He is really missed.

Little Cub seems to be getting lots better. He ate some solids today - including new stuff, spinach and mac n cheese. Yum.

Today, his favorite thing to do was open all the cabinets in the kitchen:

And pull everything out.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

This week's Filanthropy Friday is in honor of Nana & Da (deceased), Buttin's grandma & grandpa. We are celebrating Nana's 90th birthday this weekend.

Buttin (whose actual first name is George, which means "farmer") comes from a long line of farmers. His grandfather's (Da) name was also George. Coincidence? Probably not. I think Stephanie must mean exhausted blogging, running, small business owner/warehouse worker who is also a mom. I know it's a long meaning for just one name, but I digress.

So, in honor of Buttin's family - I donated $15 to Farm Aid.

I also donated because I like Willie Nelson. Cub was supposed to go to a Willie Nelson concert last July, but we failed.

My friend Liz said that I should pretend to be a "major donor" and specify (or demand) how my donation should be used.

I would like my $15 to go to better parking at Willie Nelson concerts, specifically the concerts that benefit farmers.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Me <----- Waiving White Flag

Dear Baby Germ gods (because they cannot possibly be goddesses),

Kindly, GO AWAY. Please, leave my baby alone, immediately.

I have the following to offer in exchange for peace:

  • 12 Cadbury Creme Eggs - they're from last February when Buttin bought me about 150 of them while I was preggo. They're still good - I ate one yesterday. Well, maybe there are only 11 now.
  • Cookie dough - I do not have any right now (or else I would be eating it), but I'll buy some or make my friend Liz make me some so that I can give it to you (all).
  • One small dog - he only does slightly disgusting things, like, poo in your bedroom at night (or during the day). Besides that, he's fantastic - I swear.
  • One large cat - he sheds a lot and will fight you for food, but you're germs gods, what do you eat? Baby (and mommy) happiness, apparently.
If you agree to these offerings (sacrifices) I will leave the items outside our front door tonight.

Much thanks,
Cub's Mom

P.S. If you have any contact with the running gods and goddesses, please tell them I will return to running soon.

Here is Cub in the tub (hee, hee). I thought it might make him happy to play in the tub without the limitations of the smaller baby tub. It was fun, for about five minutes and then he remembered he was sick and tired.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MorMor In Town

It's a good thing MorMor is in town.

Cub is having another little fight with a cold virus.

This morning (while we were waiting for MorMor to arrive) he was having a really difficult time napping (too much coughing), so I brought him into my bed to sleep.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I miss Graby swimming everyday. I'm sure he misses swimming too - otherwise, he wouldn't be reaching down into the toilet and into the dog bucket (aka BIG water bowl for Molly) so much.

When it's so cold outside, it's great for running (although I didn't mange to do it this morning), but not so great for playing outside. This afternoon, we decided to bundle up Graby real-good-like and have some outside time. So what if it's only 39 at 5:00 in the afternoon?

Usually, I TRY to just pick one picture of the day (I know it's difficult to tell, but I really try to limit my oversharing of photos), but today I just had too many pictures that I love. So, here are two:

Sunday, January 9, 2011


What? You don't like my puns?

I've got lots more - Egg-actly! Egg-amine! Egg-ceptional!

Dr. Sharpie told us that we could start some soft finger food, so we decided to try a little egg.

Cub didn't really enjoy the egg, but it was good practice.

Side note: Cub puts EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING in his mouth; but when it comes to food it seems to go everywhere BUT his mouth.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nine Month Check-Up & My New Lens

Cub went for his 9 month check-up yesterday with Dr. Sharpie. Here are the stats:
  • Weight - 19 lbs (25%)
  • Height - 28 inches (45%)
Dr. Sharpie said that it's normal for breastfed babies to fall below average (based upon the growth charts they use) for months 6 - 18, but then they catch up. She also said that when babies start crawling a lot (exercising) they tend not to put weight on as quickly as they did when they were just lumps (or lumpy).

No shots (thankfully), but he did have a little toe prick (which he didn't seem to feel) to test for anemia. He's not anemic.

Nothing too exciting and I'm OK with it.

When we got home, I decided to finally try out my new camera lens (it's a powerful zoomy one) that I got from Buttin for Christmas and take some pictures of Cub eating bacon.
I really like the lens, but because it's a zoom - I actually take much better pictures from a little further away. Cub seemed to enjoy the bacon - he didn't eat it, just kind of sucked on it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

A programming note: for the year 2011 - Baby-Free Friday will be known as Filanthropy Friday (yes, I know it's spelled incorrectly, but my version looks better next to the word "Friday").

I was inspired by this article.

Two thousand ten was a wonderful year - Buttin and I truly have everything we need and could ever want. We've always said, you know, we are fortunate, we should donate money (or time). So now we're really going to do it.

Every Friday, I going to find a charity that appeals to me and make a small donation (between $5 - $25). I really don't eat lunch out anymore (I did in most of 2009 and half of 2010), so I'm going to donate the money I used to spend on lunch to other causes. I'll also try to find some charities where we can donate our time together as a family.

So here goes.

Week One: Ronald McDonald House

I donated $15 to the Ronald McDonald House of Austin in Cub's name. I had two reasons for picking this charity:
  1. I pretty much ate McNuggets and a chocolate shake for lunch everyday during the last couple months of my pregnancy. I know my $15 isn't going to help make McNuggets any better, but it just made sense - here is my logic: McNuggets = Happy Healthy Baby THEREFORE I should give money to people who make McNuggets. It's iffy at best, but what am I - a nutritionist?
  2. When Cub was just a week old he had to get an ultrasound done (just as a precaution, nothing was wrong) and the office we went to was right next to the Ronald McDonald House facilities. Even though we were extremely sleep deprived, Buttin and I were overwhelmed with gratitude for our healthy baby. I hope we never have to experience the pain of a truly sick child.
OK, that's the end of my first Filanthropy Friday. Hope you enjoyed this change in programming.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dear Cash - 9 Months

Dear little-man Cash,

I have been dreading/looking forward to the nine month milestone since the day you were born.

It's difficult to explain, but I'll try.

For nine months, you lived inside me - protected by me and fed by me. You were all mine. For these past nine months, you've gone from a little baby lump(y) to a little person - BUT I still felt like you belonged more to me than you did to this world. Now, I've had to share you with the world for as long as I had you all to myself. My sharing time will now grow and grow, but I will hold on (tight) to the memories of the nine months I had you all to myself.

This past month can be summed up in one word - CRAWL!

You crawl (quickly now) everywhere and seem to love it. I love the smile on your face as you crawl towards me.

You also enjoy pulling up on anything and everything - including things that don't support your weight (whooa . . .bump goes the baby).

You're regularly eating about three to four times a day. You LOVE chicken & sweet potato, squash and peaches & bananas. We started introducing some beginning finger foods - puffs, but so far you don't really enjoy those very much.

You are just so much fun to watch as you explore, problem solve and interact with the world around you.

Although I now have to share you with this world, I'm happy to say I've known you the longest. It's a sentiment that I'm sure I'll share (much to your embarrassment) with your first girlfriend (or boyfriend), all your co-workers and pretty much anyone who will listen to me talk about you.

Here's a little picture of you from today.

Please don't grow up too quickly and please be sweet to me and your dad.

All my love,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two Things Toilet

**Warning - post not for everyone, especially those who want to judge me**


Graby has developed a huge fascination with the toilet. (He actually really enjoys the shower curtain too). He likes to pull up on the toilet, smile at the toilet and do disgusting things to the toilet when I'm not supervising him properly. It's not like we're in the bathroom THAT much, but I was in the bathroom using the sink to fill up his humidifier yesterday when I caught him sticking his arm in the toilet bowl and looking up at me smiling. Really, child? Maybe he misses swimming. I now make sure the toilet lid is always closed.


This makes #1 all the more disgusting, but your not judging me because if you were a judgmental person you would have stopped reading at the warning.

Santa got me a diaper sprayer for Christmas. I know, I live a glamorous life. Now that Cub is eating more solid foods, he's making more solid poop. I have to spray his poop off his cloth diapers before washing them (breast milk poop is water soluble, so this step wasn't necessary until recently).

This diaper sprayer is super strong. I mean spraying poo-juice all over the bathroom (and sometimes myself) strong. The only thing that gets clean is the diaper and everything else in the bathroom gets dirty. I try to clean.

I love the diaper sprayer - I think I just need a bigger toilet.

Now, a picture (not of a toilet).

Today, I tried to get Cub to eat a Mum-Mum cracker (it's like a bland rice cake that melts in your mouth). Looks like he's telling me where I can stick this Mum-Mum cracker.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Organized

It's very difficult to get organized while moving so quickly (not running quickly, but you understand what I'm saying), but that's exactly what we are trying to do. Mostly, we're trying to get things organized at work (mostly). It's a huge undertaking considering that most of our time is spent going from one fire to the next.

We didn't really accomplish much today in the way of getting organized (I still have 2009 boxes in my office), but we started talking about getting organized and that's the first step, right?

Our January is going to be maddeningly hectic - Buttin has two trips for work & a local tradeshow. We have one trip for family and my mom and I are running our first post-Cub half-marathon. Added to all that, we have two new misfits starting this week, a huge sales presentation in a couple of weeks and we're trying to close out all the stuff from last year. I know I'm forgetting at least fifteen other major work happenings, but my brain is already mushy just thinking about all the stuff we need to do.

I need a nap (side note: Graby doesn't feel like he needs a nap).

Today, I thought Cub might like to try a little of my hot fudge milkshake. He didn't hate it, but I got a really serious face.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

About Time

I have a new favorite podcast to listen to while running.

It's Radio Lab.

The first show I listened to a couple of weeks ago was The Good Show. I broke into tears (happy ones) while running (thankfully, it was at 5 AM and no one was around) and fell in love with the podcast. I'm now going back and listening to older ones.

Yesterday, during my long run, I started listening to one called Time.

There was one story about how everyone thinks that time is universal, but it's not - it's relative (the whole theory of relativity thing). You know those science fiction movies where someone goes into space for a long, long time and they come back to Earth and haven't aged much, but all their family members are really old? Well, that's actually very true - the faster you move, the more time slows down.

I'm always lamenting how time is going by too quickly. What if I run really fast? Maybe my motivation for running faster is that time will slow down and then Graby won't grow up so quickly. It's worth a try, right?

This morning, Graby was looking longingly at my donut (one my New Year's resolutions is to eat more donuts) so I gave him a piece.

Donut is about on the same level as Monkey Bread, which is to say - not very popular. But, he did manage to make a huge chocolate mess.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

One of my goals for 2010 was to take at least one picture everyday. Unless this your first time reading my blog, you'll know - I was VERY successful.

Here is one picture from every month. These aren't necessarily my FAVORITES from the month, but it's a good representation of our year.