Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Haircut

Buttin, Cub and I are still recovering from a busy but fun visit to Buttin's hometown - Memphis, Texas.  I'll write more about the entire trip in another post. 

The biggest event was probably - CUB'S HAIRCUT!

Yup - a spontaneous haircut done by a man who is like another grandfather to Buttin.  Grandpa Jim decided Cub needed his bangs cut - you can see how excited Cub was about the haircut.

Oh well, now I have a toddler with a mullet.

Mormor thinks Cub's hair looks cute.  Of course she does - look how she used to cut my hair when I was little.  (Cub on the left, me on the right).

At least Cub doesn't have to wear the boyrette anymore.

Here are a few other pictures from our trip.

Playing with Nana's walker.

Drunk baby.


Love this picture of Cub with Butitn.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

A couple nights ago I had a dream that Cub, Buttin and I were in an accident.

I died and went to a place very similar to the bright clean King's Cross Station depicted in the most recent Harry Potter movie.  I was alone for a moment and then I saw Cub.  I remember holding him and stroking his hair as he laid his head on my shoulder.  I  told him he had to go back - that he needed to be with his dad.  In my dream, Cub was his current age - 15 months - so it was a little difficult to explain to him that he needed to leave me, but he did. 

It was one of those dreams that leaves you feeling a little strange.  I was in this strange frame of mind when I noticed an email from my friend, Liz - "Filanthropy Friday Idea".  I honestly thought her suggestion would be for fluffy snails or hip-hop collge, but instead it was about a friend of friend of hers who died a couple of weeks ago and left behind a five year old son.  

Liz said that when she read Amanda's story on her friend's Facebook page she couldn't help but think of me and Cash.  Amanda's family asked that in lieu of flowers, people send donations to help with her son's education fund.  Liz said that if anything ever happened to me, she'd want people to donate to Cash's education.  

I think Liz's suggestion for Filanthropy Friday was perfect this week.  She had no idea what I had dreamt the previous night, but it just felt like the right thing to do so I donated $25 to Ashley's education. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Airplane Ride

Tomorrow Cub will take his first trip on an airplane.

We're going visit Gigi, Nana and a bunch of other family and friends in the Texas panhandle. Buttin was born and raised in the small town of Memphis, Texas - the website cracks me up, check out the little shooting cowboy thing at the top of the page.

Anyway, it'll be a pretty short trip but you'd think I've packed for an African safari with a side excursion to Europe.  You just never know what you might need with a toddler.  I've packed - milk, bottles, cups, sippy cups, breast pump, day diapers, night diapers, wipes, clothes, sunscreen, baby Advil,books, teethers, toys, cds, clothes, brush, cold snacks, room temperature snacks, sweet snacks, salty snacks (yes - lots of snacks), spoon, fork, copy of birth certificate, car seat, nap mat and blanket - AND that stuff is really just for Cub.  That doesn't include Buttin and my stuff. 

We also bought two dozen Tiff Treat's cookies to bribe the people sitting next to us on the plane in the event that Cub decides to throw a fit. 

I'm still probably not prepared for everything - but they have stores, even in small towns like Memphis, Texas.

Also, if I don't blog during the next couple of days it's because we're traveling, but I'll return to blogging shortly. 

Here's a little picture of Cub playing outside today.  Is it just me or are his teeth looking a little pointy?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Running & Swimming

My run today was about 6.5 miles.

1 mile warm-up

The following set 2x:
1.25 miles - half marathon pace
.25 mile - recovery (very slow for me, my "fast" pace for most of the other runners)
.75 mile - 10K pace

1 mile cool-down

My blisters were better and my achilles was good for about half the run and then I started to feel it.  I'm going to try an old pair of shoes on Thursday morning and see if  it helps - I've never had achilles trouble before now.  Maybe it's because I'm running so much faster (ha!).

OK - onto the fun part of the day - swimming.

I took Graby to a waterbabies class.  There was only one other toddler (I'm guessing about 20 months old) in the class.

Class was 30 minutes and the time went by very quickly.

The first couple of minutes Graby just clung to me and cried a little (but the water was about 90 degrees, so I know he was comfortable). The instructor told me that today was just  about happiness and making it a very positive experience, so Cash and I did our own thing pretty frequently.

After little Cub got comfortable with the newness of the water and all the other kids (there were other classes going on at the same time), he started to relax and have some fun.  We did a bunch of little "stations" - like on one, he would float on a raft type thing and they called it "magic carpet", at another one - I laid him on his back and they called it "floating" (pretty clever, right?) and at another one I put him up on the ledge and pulled him in the water and they called this "leap of faith".  Leap of faith was by far his most favorite station.  After we did it once, all he wanted to do was get out of the water so that I could pull him back in the water.  He also enjoyed the slide station because it was a similar concept. 

Overall, it was a very good experience (no pooping in the pool) and I think we'll be signing up for the fall semester.

Here is Cub, modeling one of his new swimming suits.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Misfit Monday

Back to good old misfit shenanigans.

Here are just a couple gems from last week:
  • We found a beer on a job site.  No misfit would admit to ownership of the beer.  I guess that makes it the best kind of beer - magically appearing, but belonging to no one beer.  I would like this to happen with money.
  • A misfit didn't do a job but then wanted to get paid for it.  Where do I find a job like this one?
Here is Cubbie-cub today, in his "racing swimsuit" - for his swimming lesson trial tomorrow.
I think the look on his face is disgust at all the poop in our backyard.

    Sunday, July 24, 2011

    Sunday Grumpy Sunday

    Graby was just off today.

    We had our first complete nap fail (I mean, full on dramatic crying on the way to bed) in months.  Thankfully, we were trying for a morning nap so he did eventually go down around noon for an hour and a half. 

    I think he's just experiencing a little separation anxiety. 

    We did have quite a bit of fun today (even with the grumpiness).  Little Cub likes to look at the birds when we go outside - he looks up and the sky, points and says "ohhhhhh" (not "bird" - I'm sure Liz is very disappointed).  

    Saturday, July 23, 2011

    Just So-So

    Today I ran 15 miles.  It was just so-so, about a 12:23/mile.

    My blisters from last week's run got worse and I had some discomfort in my achilles.

    Buttin went out and bought me a foam roller so that I can try to massage my calves.  The foam roller won't work on my feet so hopefully I can get to Buttin to help with those.

    Today I took Cub to a park - at noon. Sufficed to say, we were the only ones there.  We were warm (hot), but had fun. Here are a few pictures.

    Friday, July 22, 2011

    Filanthropy Friday

    Next Tuesday Cub and I are going to a trial swimming lesson.  If it goes well (meaning he doesn't poop in the pool and embarrass me), I'll be signing him up for the fall semester (along with advanced physics and painting - per Liz's instructions). 

    I tried to find a local charity for today's Filanthoropy Friday that provided swimming lessons for children, but alas, I couldn't find one.  However, I did find PE3 through I live here, I give here.

    PE3 is an Austin-based charity dedicated to finding solutions for the childhood obesity crisis in Texas through physical activity and nutrition education.  Their efforts benefit all children, but are specifically targeted at teens who are most at-risk.    They have actually developed a state approved high school elective course (although, I'm somewhat perplexed how a PE elective is taught online - I think they should go swimming). 

    PE3 even has movie - Health Needs A Hero - and I love movies.  It's a documentary about the childhood obesity issue and some promising solutions.

    In honor of Cub, I donated $25 to PE3 today and I'm hoping they use my money to encourage kids to swim.

    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    My Housekeeping Flaws

    Our house is the epitome of cleanly (I lie sometimes).

    However, we have a dog (Cartman) who likes to poop (and pee) in the house. You jealous?

    We try (very hard) to pick up Cartman poop whenever we see it and Cub has kind of caught onto the routine.  If he sees poop (hopefully, it's animal poop and Buttin hasn't done something awful), he points at it and kind of grunts and everything pretty much stops until I (or Buttin) go pick it up and dispose of it.  It's actually kind of stressful for Cub, but it makes us laugh. 

    Well, the backyard is a veritable goldmine of poop nuggets.  As you can imagine, Cub gets pretty concerned.

    Here's a little video that shows his reaction to poop (and this is a mild version).  I think my camera was a little foggy, so it kind of gives the video a dream (or nightmare) like quality, doncha think?

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011


    Today's run was 7 miles on a very hilly course. 

    1.5 mile warm-up
    2 miles - alternating - 30 seconds fast (like sprint)/30 seconds slow
    2 miles - half-marathon pace (supposed to be about 9:40/mile)
    1.5 mile cool-down

    I really enjoyed the -30 seconds fast/30 seconds slow - and it made my times pretty speedy (by my turtle standards).  My average pace for the entire 7 miles (with water stops) was 10:33/mile. 

    Here's a picture of Cub not hitting Scratch with a stick.  

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    15-Month Appointment

    Misfit Monday is being preempted by Cub's 15-month check-up.

    Here are the numbers (as much as I can remember them, I left the sheet out in my car and I'm too lazy to go get it):

    Height: 29.5 inches - 30%
    Weight: 22 lbs - 20%
    Head: Lots of inches - 70%

    We have a slender boy with a big noggin.

    Little Cub was not happy to be at Dr. Boston's office (I think he remembers the shots from last time).  As soon as we put him on the paper table (just to get measured), he started crying (a very full "save me, save me" kind of cry).

    It got worse.

    He got two shots (one in the arm and one in the leg - I wasn't really happy about it, but I think Buttin got a little tired of me asking, "why?" he had to get shots in TWO different locations) and got his toe stuck to check his iron levels (they were fine).

    Dr. Boston said that Cub is probably drinking a little too much milk and we should give him water instead of milk so that he has more of an appetite for solid foods. 

    Dr. Boston said he was just perfect and in great health and developmentally right on track.  

    Here is our perfect little Cub playing outside this afternoon after his doctor's appointment. 

    Sunday, July 17, 2011

    They Can't All Be Winners

    I ran (kind of ) 16 miles yesterday.  It was slow - 12:33/mile.

    It hasn't rained in about a million days, but we had a little storm cell strike around 6:05 AM yesterday.   It didn't rain enough to cool things off - just enough to rinse all my sunscreen off and get my shoes soaking wet.

    By about 6:07 AM I had two blisters and I could see steam radiating off the cement.  Delightful.

    My two non-turtle friends and I have this routine.  One of them usually runs about two miles less than the other two of us (so she ran 14 miles yesterday for my non-math-wiz readers), so she turns around one mile earlier, then when my other friend and I reach our turn around point, we get a drink and then she goes back - faster.  I always end up finishing very last, all by myself.  

    I think this routine is kind of a mistake for me because I end up going the first half way too fast (for me) and then I feel kind of crummy during the end of the run.  I felt pretty crummy from about mile 13 - 16.  It also didn't help this week that I got drenched with a two minute storm and never dried off - ever.  My toes were pruney when I got home and my sock was bloody.

    Next week, I think I'll tell my friends to go ahead without me from the beginning.  I enjoy talking with them, but I need to run my own race.

    Here is Graby walking and eating a cracker at the same time - he's kind of brilliant.

    Thirty Second Movie Review - Harry Potter 7.2

    Was there really any doubt? Um. No.

    This movie is so awesome.  It's not surprisingly bleak and parts are more horror movie than young-adult adventure movie, but it was all extremely well done.  I loved every single moment.  I'm going to see it again tomorrow night.

    Friday, July 15, 2011

    Filanthropy Friday

    OMG - OMG - OMG -  Harry Potter has arrived!!

    I wrote about the Harry Potter Alliance last November when Part 1 was released. I thought today - the release date for Part 2 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (for those of you living under a rock) - would be a perfect day to donate to The Harry Potter Alliance.

    In honor of Harry Potter and love and the fight for social justice - I donated $25 to the Harry Potter Alliance.

    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    Catching Up On Reviews

    So, I have been going to movies and reading (um, listening to) books this summer but I keep forgetting to do cookie reviews.

    Here are a couple reviews from recent movies:

    Transformers Three: Something, Something Moon.

    Bad transformers try to destroy the Earth and good transformers try to stop them.  Lots of stuff blows up and some pretty people say some dumb lines.

    Page One: Inside The New York Times

    Fascinating documentary about the New York Times.  It included many valid points for why the printed (not just blogged) word should have a place in the media spectrum.  Once upon a time I wanted to be a journalist, so I found the entire documentary engrossing. 

    OK - now books.

    I've recently listened to three books - a series: The Hunger Games Trilogy - The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and The Mockingjay.

    It's classified as young-adult fiction, but I found it to be great listening material during long-ish runs.  I actually wanted my non-turtle friends to run ahead of me so that I wouldn't have to talk (somehow, I always end up talking the most when I run with people).  

    The Hunger Games Trilogy is an adventure/science-fiction story set in a post World War VI-ish kind of place where the United States no longer exists (and is actually never referenced) and they have some pretty messed up forms of entertainment.   It has many of the formulaic plot devices of other young-adult series (love triangle, broken home, teen angst), but the heroine is a strong female lead, not a wet-noodle wallflower (a la Bella Swan). 

    I give the entire series three cookies, but the first one (The Hunger Games) is definitely the best (and probably deserves 3.5 cookies). Not surprisingly, a movie based on the first book is schedule for release on March 12 2012. 

    Now, here's a picture of Cash-cub.  He's rolling rocks down a toy fire truck ladder (aren't you glad I clarified that it was a toy truck?) and I think the pose is hilarious.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    Change Of Plans

    My mom (the Mormor) and I were supposed to run Marathon For Adoption on October 29th, but I think the hills might be a little too much (wait, I mean to say New Braunfels is not enough of a challenge for the turtle club).  Instead, we're going to run the Frankenthon Monster Marathon on October 22nd.

    This is a small race (only 150 participants - which means my mom and I need to prepare to be in the bottom part of our age group) and we run on THE BRUSHY CREEK TRAIL - where I have done the majority of my training.  I love this trail!  I'm expecting lots of spectators - or at least Buttin and Cub.  The race begins at 7:00 AM, but Mormor and I will still be running at 11:00 AM, so even all my sleepy-headed friends can (and should) make beautiful signs and come cheer.

    In other running news, I forgot my watch this morning.  We did an 8 mile run, with a 20 minute segment in the middle at half marathon pace (9:32/mile).  Since I didn't have my watch, I just tried to run less-turtleish.  I got second to last.  

    Here is cute little Cub today.

    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Misfit Monday

    Today was the first Monday in quite a while that Buttin and I didn't feel like throwing hotdogs at misfits.  Although, that might make for a good story.

    Since I have no good stories for today, here are a couple cute pictures of Cub (who seems to be feeling better, but still has a cough and runny nose).

    Here he is doing his - I'm bored, show me something fun - face.

    And here he is making a super cute smiley face.

    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    Rest Day

    Today was a rest day. We all needed it.

    My 14 mile run yesterday morning felt good (11:33/mile pace).  After my run, I met up with the Baby Mamas for brunch.  It was nice to sit down and chat - now that the little boys are moving, climbing and eating everything, it's difficult to have a conversation that isn't constantly interrupted by stop or no when we're all together.

    Buttin had friends in town this week and went out both Friday and Saturday night - he was exhausted this morning. 

    Cubbie-cub is a little sick.  Buttin and I were (thankfully) saying today that it's been quite a while since he's been sick.   No fever, but he's got a cough and the sniffles and he threw up last night in his bed.  He was super tired today - he took two naps totally about 4.5 hours.  This meant that Buttin and I got to rest some too. 

    He was still pretty playful today - just a little on the cranky side and not much of an appetite. Here he is smiling, but you can see he's sick by looking at his eyes.

    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    Dear Cash - 15 Months

    Dear Cubbie-Cub,

    I know - I missed your 14 month letter (and I know this one is a few days late).  You just kept me so busy that I didn't have time to write everything down.  Bad excuse.

    The last couple of months can be summed up with a few words - walking/running, eating (kind of) and tantrums. 

    You're doing quite a bit of sign language - more, please, all done and (of course) milk. Although sometimes when you want something (like the television) you just look at it and do your sign for more. It's all very adorable except or when I can't figure out what you want and that's when I get the tantrum.

    You love songs - even when I'm singing - which says a lot about how much you must love music.  

    You follow instructions very well, when you want.  If it's time to go outside, you will get your shoes and sit down for me to help you put them on your feet. You'll also get your sunscreen and help me rub it into your arms and legs.  I wish I could understand you as well as you seem to understand me.

    Molly, Cartman, Mouser and Scratch are all getting their tail pulled on a regular basis.  You enjoy holding an animal tail while it tries to run away, pulling you along. 

    It seems like everyday you do something new - you really are fascinating and exciting to watch.

    You dad and I love your giggle - the silliest things make you laugh.

    Please don't grow up too quickly and please be sweet to me and your dad (stop biting and hitting).

    Love you so, so much,

    Today - which is not your 15 month birthday - you seemed to be a little ill.  I think it's just allergies or a little cold, no fever.  Even though I can tell (especially in your eyes) that you aren't feeling 100%, you still had a fun day playing.

    Friday, July 8, 2011

    Filanthropy Friday

    Just writing the words - murdering her child - gives me the shivers.

    Like most, I believe that Casey Anthony did something to Caylee; however, I understand the jury's verdict.

    In Caylee Anthony's honor, I donated $25 to the Polly Klaas Foundation.  

    Polly was twelve years old when she was abducted from her home in California in 1993; her body was found two months later.  The Polly Klaas Foundation was created by her mother and their goals include; finding missing children, preventing child abduction and working with lawmakers to pass Amber Alert-type legislation.  Since 1993 they have helped nearly 7,000 families. 

    It angers me to think of all the resources used to help find Caylee Anthony when her mother knew she had not been abducted, but hopefully my $25 will help some family some where to find their child.

    Thursday, July 7, 2011


    Mormor is here!

    She and Cub had a great day playing.  I absolutely love hearing about things that Cub does when he is with other people.  Apparently, he was a perfect little angel.

    Here's Cub and Mormor playing with plants.  Cub finds it hilarious when Mormor sniffs the flowers.

    Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    Steady State Pace

    Today's run was 8 miles, with a 20 minute segment in the middle reserved for steady state pace

    Our coach described a steady state pace as approximately 85% of maximum heart rate - somewhere in between half marathon and 30K pace - my only thought, How am I supposed to go faster than 85% of maximum heart rate for an entire half marathon? 

    My half marathon pace is supposed to be 9:32 - so I just decided that I would try to go faster than 10:00/mile for 20 minutes.  My plan worked and I ended up doing the entire 8 miles in an average of 10:46/mile, with the two miles in the middle being right around 9:42. 

    This week Cub's school is on summer vacation (Buttin wants his money back), so Buttin and I are taking turns going into work and being at home with Cub.  We also have MorMor coming in town on Thursday and Friday.  Cub and I played this morning outside with the hose.

    Monday, July 4, 2011

    Fourth of July

    Happy 4th of July - I'm relieved it's not a Misfit Monday.

    We didn't do anything that was very 4th-of-July-y, unless you count going to Target, but we had a really nice day relaxing as a family

    We had our own little parade - a parade of one kid, on his new bike.  Here he is waving to the crowd of about three people.

    Sunday, July 3, 2011

    Time With Gigi

    Gigi has been in town since Friday, so we've been playing - not blogging.

    Yesterday the running schedule had our group going down in mileage.  The (only) ten mile run was a very welcomed break.  I didn't go very quickly (11:23/mile), but it felt good to stop.

    Here are a couple pictures of Cub:

    Friday, July 1, 2011

    Filanthropy Friday

    I'm driving to Houston this morning for the funeral.

    I think flowers are beautiful, but in lieu of flowers I decided to dedicate this week's Filanthropy Friday to Maria O'Neal.  In her memory, I donated $50 to The Rose

    The Rose (four star rating on charity navigator) is a non-profit breast cancer charity in Houston that provides screening, diagnosis and access to treatment to women regardless of their ability to pay.   Maria O'Neal beat breast cancer, but it seemed like a organization worthy of donating to in her honor.