Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sleep Sitting Up & No Milk (For Me)

The past couple of weeks, I have slept while sitting up.

I've just found it easier to sleep having PupPup wrapped around my waist (while he's sleeping on the Boppy).  This way, he has easy access to the boobie and I don't really have to move.  

In other baby news, Mac was really, really grump at night time for a couple of weeks - he was the definition of "the witching hour" (except it sometimes lasted hours).  I did some interwebs research and found out that sometimes a baby's tummy are irritated by the cows milk the mom drinks. On Monday, I gave up milk.  It's difficult and I'm pretty hungry right now because (as I've discovered) most of the food I love contains milk - cookies, cookie dough, mac n cheese, cheese and more cookie dough.  However, the past few nights Pup has been much better.  

I'll try milk again in a week or two, but right now I'm too superstitious to try.

Here's Cub today playing at the park.


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  1. Hope this is working for you both - My SIL is doing this too with her 4-week old, and it seems to be helping. Love catching up on all of your posts, which i usually read from my iPhone now, but haven't even had time for that as of late! You seem like such a relaxed momma...I don't know if that is just my internet version picture of you or how you really are in really-real life, but it's a nice change from the crafting-BOB stroller strider-SIDS paranoid friends that I have, haha :)