Monday, October 15, 2012

Misfit Monday

The sales misfits have decided they'd like to "redecorate" their office.  I say "redecorate" even though it's never really been decorated, unless you count random cork boards, carpet samples and plaques hanging from the walls.

Here are the two most popular ideas so far:
  1. A large, conference-type table (and then everyone just sits at the table) and some filing cabinets. 
  2. A couple couches,  tv trays (as desks) and some filing cabinets.  
I'm also just throwing it out there, but I think bean bags and lava lamps might be a good option too.

Here's Cash today - in case you can't tell - he's fishing (for apples).  He's cute, but not very good at catching apples. 

1 comment:

  1. A couple of questions for you.

    First, related to the proposed redecorating project. How large is the sales office? Does it have desks and phones or is it just a space with nothing in it? Perhaps you could have a mural painted on the wall that depicts life at Flooring know like cave drawings or the pictures they found in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs. Maybe each misfit could contribute to the mural and tell his or her "story" of work. Maybe they could do the whole thing in Crayon instead of paint just to keep things interesting. Another idea is to make a mobile out of old cans, carpet scraps, and whatever else you find lying around and hang it from the ceiling. The possibilities are really endless.

    OK, now a question regarding the photo of Cash allegedly fishing for apples. I say "allegedly" because I see no apples in the photo nor any evidence that apples are in the area near Cash. Which leads me to the obvious conclusion that one of two things happened:

    1. You lied to Cash and told him that if he held the stick in front of him while you snapped a photo that an apple would appear.

    2. You made up the whole apple story in an attempt to humiliate your child on the inter-web. Demonstrating such a lack of respect for his dignity will inevitably lead him to a life of crime.

    One of the reasons I doubt that any apples were involved in this "photo shoot" is because its a documented fact that Cash would rather eat French Fries than apples and than you steal his fruit snacks when he isn't looking.

    Conclusion: You are lying to your child, to the reader (s) of your blog, and you may or may not have been stealing apples from HEB. I am going to see about getting my hands on the in store video to see if I can find any proof that you are a fruit thief and if so I am going to call the Police and have you arrested. Meanwhile the case of Cash allegedly fishing for apples in the middle of the front yard is closed. And may god have mercy on your soul.