Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Potty Training

At Cub's school - he has a couple friends who have moved up into the next classroom.  Cash can't move up into the next classroom until he learns to go to the bathroom.

Apparently at school, he rips his diaper off and runs screaming from the toilet.  I'm not sure if he finds the toilet scary or he's just trying to entertain his friends and teachers. 

This weekend we decided to try little bribes.  We have a little surprise bag (cars, lollipops, dinosaurs) where he gets to pick a little trinket every time he goes to the bathroom.  We talked about the little surprise bag and here's a rough transcript.

Me:  Cash, if you go potty in the toilet - you get a little surprise.
Cash:  I get a surprise if I go in the toilet?
Me:  Yes, you do.  What kind of surprises do you think are in the bag?
Cash: Trains, Dr. Peppers and Trampolines

Trampolines?  Not likely.

Cash also really, really wants legos.  I hate the idea of one bazillion little pieces all over the house, but we've told him once he starts wearing underpants everyday - we'll get him some legos.  With the promise of legos, Cash decided he wanted to wear underpants on Sunday morning - and he pooped in them (Buttin got to handle that disaster).  Those underpants got thrown in the trash and Cash's butt got a diaper.  Legos will have to wait for another day (thank goodness).

Here is Chicken sleeping comfortably.

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