Monday, August 29, 2011

Misfit Monday

Today's big goal was to determine our trade show booth theme. 

The guys weren't to big on my Wizard of Oz or Black Swan ideas. 

It was basically down to two themes and I got out voted (sigh).
Buttin came up with both ideas.


How awesome would a dunking booth game be? My answer: So.  I thought it would be adorable to have all the guys dressed up in leotards, leg warmers and head bands dancing around to "What a Feeling".  Alas, I believe this idea got rejected.  

Here is Cub's interpretation of the famous chair/dancing scene in Flashdance.


So, this is the theme that everyone (all the guys) seemed to like the best.  The costumes are pretty hideous and we'll get to have a fun hole-in-one game, but it's not Flashdance (or Black Swan) good.  

Here is Cub's interpretation of Caddyshack

Flashdance wins by a landslide. 

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