Saturday, December 8, 2012

Celebrating Christmas

Note about Chicken:  So if you were to predict Chicken's due date by using a traditional due date calculator with the date of my last period (March 3rd - day of Woodlands Marathon) - Chicken's due date would be TODAY!  However, my cycle is longer than the traditional due date calculator uses (and my current doctor listened to me when I told her this fact).  I was 6 days later than the traditional calculator with Cash.  So, if I was a betting woman - I'd say Chicken will arrive on the 14th or 15th, but I'd be OK if Chicken waited until the 18th.  

OK, back to regular scheduled programing - CHRISTMAS!

Last night we celebrated Christmas with Liz and Jonathan.

When I arrived at Liz's house, there were about 10 beautifully wrapped gifts for me. 

 I was a little worried that Liz went a little far, and I was right.

She got me a gift card to the Lake Austin Spa, a wallet and cosmetic case - and that's the boring stuff.  

She also got me two semi-used La Madeline gift cards, a $5 Starbucks gift card, a frequent diner club card to Fudruckers (that expired in 2009), a California Pizza Kitchen 10% off coupon  (that also expired in 2009), a Manny Hatten's frequent dinner card (they went out of business a couple years ago), some chicken seasoning, a Sees Candy Gift Card (to a "Glinda"),  pepper and onion relish (left over from a gift basket Liz received last Christmas), some hotel bath products (from Liz's recent stay at the Four Seasons), a pony named Harmony with pink hair, and pickle juice (that one was from Jonathan).

Pretty amazing, huh?

I was a little overwhelmed by her generosity (I think she cleaned out her junk drawer and the wallet she used in 2009).  It's OK though because I received Liz's birthday present in the mail today and Buttin says that I win!  We shall see.

Cub and I went to the park this morning to visit some baby mamas.  Here are a few pictures. 


  1. Birthday present? Did I hear birthday present?? All I can say is that the new baby (I refuse to call your unborn child "Chicken") had better arrive at a time that is convenient for me and so that I can get my present on my actual birthday...not on Christmas Eve. That would just be horrible.

    Have you opened your cool pony gift yet? You can change the pony's hair from regular colored to pink which makes it the coolest pony ever.

    I think you should take the LeMadeline gift cards to the restaurant and find out how much money is left on can probably afford a bowl of soup and some water. Maybe only a cup of soup. I hope they give you free bread.

    Best. Christmas. Ever.

    Also I love my new ipod earphones. Gangnam Style has never sounded better. Our louder.

  2. Hey, you didn't even mention the Stuffie we got for Cash. Does he like it?