Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Misfit Monday

Buttin texted me last week.   

We had the first mystery solved by our video cameras.

One of our installers (we'll call him installer A) told Buttin that he thought another installer (we'll call him installer B) had taken his drill.  The video showed definitive proof that installer B's helper had, in fact, taken the drill.

Here is the exact telephone conversation.

Buttin:  So, installer B - do you know where installer A's drill is?
Installer B:  Nope.
Buttin:  Well, why don't you ask your helper.
Installer B:  He says he doesn't see it.
Buttin:  Well, I'm looking a monitor right now and it is showing your helper putting installer A's drill into your truck.
Installer B:  Wait, let me check.  Yup, it's here  - I found it.

Mystery solved!!

Here is our holiday card!  It's pretty exciting (and silly).   

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