Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

A quick story first.

I looked all over town for a fireman costume.  I found a fireman dress costume, but not a  costume appropriate for a little boy.

Eventually, I gave up - bought a fireman hat and some wings and thought - FIRE FLY!  Buttin wasn't very impressed with my creativity. 

Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for Buttin and maybe Cash) one of our misfits had a Fireman toddler costumer.

Here he is!  This picture is for Dadoo.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


**CAUTION - You might not want to go beyond the 1st picture**

The picture I SHOULD show:

The picture I WANT to show:

Pretty sure I'm making Mother of the Year for this one.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Misfit Monday

Today we are thankful for healthy, safe misfits.

A couple misfits got into a car accident today (they were together), but they were released quickly from the hospital with some minor cuts and bruises.  I'm sure they'll be sore tomorrow, but they were very fortunate for a roll-over collision.  

We also had another misfit who was kind of missing last week and who returned today from wherever he was.  

Here is Cashman today testing out part of his costume.  He really likes the wings.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

This & That

A couple things:
  • I had a Chicken appointment on Friday - a very uneventful Chicken appointment.  My midwife and I just sat around and chatted.
  • Today we saw the documentary The House I Live In.  It gets FOUR COOKIES, but it's kind of depressing.  It's all about the failure of the War on Drugs, and how we're not really doing anything about it. 
Here is Cub trying to climb a tree.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Painting

This morning I had breakfast with some of my baby mama friends. 

One of them mentioned how much fun her son had painting pumpkins so I decided Cash should paint pumpkins this afternoon.  He had a pretty fun time, until he got distracted by something shinny or a lolipop.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

The past few weeks I've been working with my fellow members of the Austin Apartment Association to raise money for the Doc & Gayle Young Food Drive.  

Our goal this year is $40K, and even though Thanksgiving might feel like a LONG time from now (it's not), we are in our final fundraising push.

This week, I'm donating $40.  My $40 donation will buy one food pack for an Austin family.

10-12 lbs turkey
5 lbs potatoes
1 doz dinner rolls
1 box stuffing
1 can yams
1 can corn
1 can green beans
1 box cookies
1 lb margarine
5 lbs flour
4 lbs sugar
1 can fruit cocktail
1 box Jell-o
4 lbs dry beans
4 lbs oranges
2 lbs rice

Too bad the food pack doesn't supply cookie dough - I'm going to push for that next year.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Months Till Christmas!

Two months till Christmas and I'm extremely unprepared for Halloween.

Last year, I walked in to a Goodwill and found a costume for Cash within two minutes.  This year I have not been so lucky.  Cash doesn't really understand Halloween, but if I ask him what he wants to be - it varies from a cat to an elephant to a mommy.  I thought a "Fireman" might be cute, but I haven't been able to find a fireman costume anywhere (I have been able to find a "Fire Chief" dress for a little girl).  Yesterday, I walked into (what feels like) the fifth costume store or Goodwill I've been to and just bought something.  I think it's pretty clever, but Buttin wasn't so impressed.

I'll keep it a surprise for now and if Cash dresses up as something else, I'll share my very CREATIVE idea next week. 

This afternoon, Cash and I were outside playing.  He was cracking me up because he would walk up to every inanimate object (a rock, a stick, an acorn, a pile of poo) and yell, "My name is Cash".  

We took a couple self-portraits today (I'm trying to include me in more pictures) and although I'm not really in the picture, I love it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Doula

Buttin and I met with our new doula today.  I don't really have a nickname for her yet, so we'll call her Shelley.  

Shelley and I talked and talked for over an hour.  Buttin sat there and nodded during our detailed discussion of messy labor - he was thrilled. 

Here is Cub today laughing about something I said (it must have been very funny).

Monday, October 22, 2012

Misfit Monday

This week (on Thursday) we're having a huge office cleaning day.  I hope all the misfits don't decide to take the day off.  I think the misfits are blaming this big cleaning day idea on my nesting.  I'm definitely feeling the need to clean, organize and throw away stuff.

Today we got a new dog house for Riggs.  Cubbie had to check it out to make sure it was suitable for Riggs. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

We Have A Big Bed

We have a big boy bed in Cash's room.  Cash loves to jump on his big bed, play in his big bed, snuggle in his big bed - but NOT sleep in his big bed.  We still have the crib in his room, so we give him the option and he always picks his crib.  I guess in a week or so we'll move the crib out of his room and then his options will be bed or floor.  

Here are Cub and Buttin playing bubbles this afternoon.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Zoo Day!

We went to the zoo this morning for a birthday party for one of Cub's school friends.

Here are a few pictures.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

It's a happy day!

My fabulous friend, Liz, adopted a new Cavalier last night. His name is Flynn and he is ADORABLE!

In honor of my new dog nephew, I donated $15 to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue.  

Tomorrow we are going to the Austin Zoo for a birthday party for one of Cub's classmates (and little crush), Addy.  In lieu of gifts, her parents suggested that we make a donation to the Austin Zoo so I'm donating $10 - Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boy or Girl?

I was about 98.9% positive that Lumpy was a girl - I was 100% wrong.

With Chicken, I'm about 88% sure that chicken is a chick (meaning, girl).

Here is my evidence:
  • Tingly feet - I did not have tingly feet with Cash so that must mean that Chicken is not a boy (like Cash).
  • No break outs - My face was worse than my teenage years when I was pregnant with Cash and this time - maybe one zit.  I'm quite sure it's because Chicken is a girl and not because of this new skin medicine I've been taking.
  • Cash -  He thinks Chicken is a girl and he probably has some kind of sibling intuition.
  • My intuition - I think Chicken is a girl and even though my intuition was wrong with my first pregnancy, I feel like I've got a 50/50 shot this time.
  • Shannon - my friend Shannon (who is a pediatrician, by the way) thinks that Chicken is a girl and doctors are almost always right (except for when she also thought Cash was a girl).
Alright, so my evidence is not that strong.   However, unlike last time, I can honestly say I have absolutely no preference (my preference last time was girl although I wouldn't trade my little sugar man for all the cookie dough in Pennsylvania) this time.  It would be fun for Cub to have a little brother (they could be like Ralphie and Randy in A Christmas Story), but it would also sweet for him to have little sister to protect (and for me to dress up).

Here is the big brother now, doing his new favorite thing in the bathtub - "floating" on his back.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Dentist!

Today was Cash's first visit to a dentist.

The dentist office was awesome and he never once asked to go home.  

In the lobby there were a ton of fun toys, including an awesome kitchen.

The dental hygienist cleaned his teeth and he only fussed  for a couple of seconds towards the end of the cleaning.  She said his teeth and gums look great, but that we should probably start trying to floss (with a little floss picky thing) in the next couple of months. 

While we waited for the dentist, Buttin drew a picture of pregnant me and Cash thought it was pretty funny.

The dentist  (we'll call him Dr. Groovy) came in and counted Cub's teeth and gave him a little fluoride treatment.  Cub got a little impatient towards the end of the fluoride.  Dr. Groovy said that Cash's huge amount of saliva (drool) production was actually really good for his teeth health - so he might not win a lot of girlfriends with his drool, but he'll have healthy teeth.  Dr. Groovy also reiterated that Cub's teeth were pretty crowded in his mouth and that we should try flossing soon.

Overall it was a really good first trip to the dentist.  I was proud of Cub and he got a bouncy ball from the dentist as a prize.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

Misfit Monday

The sales misfits have decided they'd like to "redecorate" their office.  I say "redecorate" even though it's never really been decorated, unless you count random cork boards, carpet samples and plaques hanging from the walls.

Here are the two most popular ideas so far:
  1. A large, conference-type table (and then everyone just sits at the table) and some filing cabinets. 
  2. A couple couches,  tv trays (as desks) and some filing cabinets.  
I'm also just throwing it out there, but I think bean bags and lava lamps might be a good option too.

Here's Cash today - in case you can't tell - he's fishing (for apples).  He's cute, but not very good at catching apples. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Movie Reviews

It was a good week for movies!

I loved this movie.  I think Tim Burton should only make animated movies.


I knew the ending of this movie, but it was still super suspenseful and wonderful.  I think my parents would really like this movie. 

I was expecting to enjoy this, but I really loved this movie.  It was full of fun songs and was genuinely hilarious. 

Here are Cub and Buttin doing spider swing this morning.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

There are many worthy charities that that focus on Breast Cancer research, treatment and support.  

This week, I selected The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and donated $20.    

A long, long time ago I used to work for a division of Estee Lauder Companies and Evelyn H. Lauder was the founder of BCRF and also the co-founder of the pink ribbon.  So in a way (albeit very small), I worked for the woman who is responsible for all the pink ribbons and pink awareness marketing you see every where, especially during the month of October. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pregnancy Fatigue

I'm starting to feel some pregnancy fatigue.  I remember this from being pregnant with Cash.  

Most of my fatigue comes from my insomnia.  I don't know what it is - but I wake up in the middle of the night and then I can't go back to sleep until about 40 minutes before it's time to wake up.

Here's Cubbie today singing me a song - he's looking a little tired too.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Transition Time - Maybe?

Buttin and I have been discussing moving Cub to a real bed.

It's either do it now or try and wait until Chicken is sleeping though the night (because I don't really want to get up 10 times a night with two kids) and that might be longer than Cub is willing to wait.

I discussed this topic briefly with Mormor and told her that Cub hadn't expressed much interest in moving to a bed.  I spoke too soon.

The past couple of nights whenever I put Cub to bed he puts his feet out to stop himself from going in the crib and once I actually get him in the crib he tries to throw his leg over the rail.  Buttin and I have started to look at cute little twin beds, but we might just throw a mattress on the floor and say - ta da!

Here is Cub having fun in the car on the way home.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Misfit Monday

Some of the misfits have been experience a streak of bad luck, so it's difficult to make fun of them right now.  

Buttin (along with some other misfits) are attending our final trade show of the year.  We don't do very much for this trade show, so there won't be any fun pictures. 

Mormor left today, but not before she had a chance to dress Cub in this awesome outfit.  I think is Cash is saying, "Please don't take a picture of me looking like this - my Mormor is obviously color blind."

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another Mouth Injury

Poor kid can't catch a break.  

Mormor came into town this morning.

Here are Cub and Mormor running.

Here's Cub about 30 seconds later.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dear Cash - 2.5 Years

Dear little sugar man,

It's your half birthday - 2.5 years!  

You really are becoming such a little man.  You're not without flaws - a tantrum or seven (a day), but you're learning how to express yourself and show your love in such amazing ways. 

I know it's manipulative (you want me to stay in your room), but whenever I put you to bed you say "one more kiss and hug" or "I missed" (referring to the kiss) when I try to leave.  We also play quite a back and forth game of - "I love you, more!".   I don't mind this manipulation one little bit.

You are super goofy and silly and you absolutely love being a little ham - when people are watching.  Your personality is a source of non-stop entertainment for me and daddy, but you prefer to perform in front of others (mom and dad are too boring).  

You love trains -  watch them, play with them, pretend to be them..  You were a train conductor last year for Halloween - maybe this year we'll just dress you up as a train.  You also really love eating your dad's disgusting protein bars.  At school this week, they told me you weren't eating much for lunch.  I had to admit to your teacher that you've been eating a 300 calorie (disgusting, non-food) protein bar for breakfast - eating the entire thing on the way to school!!  We really need to try more real food for you, but you do love your protein bars.  Daddy has actually had to go without a couple of days because you've eaten them all.

You seem to be going through another mommy-phase and I can't say that I mind.  I fear that in a few months you'll be so used to having daddy take you to school and having daddy pick you up, that momma won't be very appealing anymore.   My biggest fear about Chicken's arrival is the decrease in my quality time with you.  I can't stand the idea of not putting you to bed almost every night, so we'll just have to work on some solutions.  

I know once Chicken gets here time will start moving even more quickly, so I'm just going to do my very best to slow down and enjoy our last 2.5 months as a family of three.

Please stop growing up so quickly and please continue to be sweet to me and your daddy.  We love you so very much.

Hugs and Kisses,

Here are a couple of pictures of you playing outside today in the glorious fall weather!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

The first Presidential debate was this week.  I didn't watch it.

However, I heard Gov. Romney provided some specifics on budget cuts that he would propose to help balance the budget; one of these cuts - to PBS.  

I’m sorry, Jim, I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I’m going to stop other things. I like PBS, I love Big Bird. Actually like you, too. But I’m not going to — I’m not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for. That’s number one.

I'm not sure (because I didn't watch the debate - so I don't have the context) if Mitt Romney's #1 priority is to cut funding from PBS or to stop borrowing money from China.  

I decided to do a little research to determine just HOW much money our government was bleeding due to (what I can only assume from attention Romney gave it) our massive PBS expenditure.

The first thing I learned is that PBS funding is actually funding for CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting)  and that's comprised of PBS and NPR (so it's not just Big Bird, Thomas the Train and Sherlock - it's also Morning Edition, This American Life and Radio Lab).

That being said, it's surprisingly difficult to find places that agree on numbers, but I found many sources that said $445 million is the federal allocation to CPB.  Sounds like a lot of money to me - but then I started looking at all the federal spending numbers I could find.

As it turns out, we spend a metric poop ton of  money - about $3.6 TRILLION in 2011.  This makes the CPB portion of our federal budget (and I had to use Excel for this because my calculator doesn't go to a trillion) about .012% of our budget.  That doesn't sound like much. 

Allow me to provide some context with other numbers (again, some might not be exact, I had to look in several places).  
  • 663.7 BILLION - Defense  (not including Veterans Affairs) in 2011. 
  • 2.4 BILLION - One (just 1, uno) B-2 Bomber (we have 20).
  • 695 BILLION - Social Security in 2011.
  • 164 BILLION - Interest on National Debt in 2011 (can we refinance and get some of the lower rates that I keep hearing about on Market Place?)
  • 10.5 Billion - EPA in 2011.
  • 517.5 MILLION - Amount of money the City of Austin spent to provide water to 212,000 people in 2011. 
  • 318 MILLION - Congressional banana purchasing  in 2011. 
OK, so I might have made that last one up.  The point is - we spend A LOT of money.

Now, I understand that when trying to cut back - it's important to make cuts where cuts can be made and that every little bit helps.   I often evaluate our household budget, so I decided to look at what might equal .012% of our family's budget.  It's about equal to the amount of money I spend on dinners with Liz once a week or the amount of money Buttin spends on plastic bottles of Dr. Pepper.   It's not an insignificant amount of money - but it's not really going to help us save for Cash's college fund (unless he goes to Texas Tech - hee,hee) or pay off our house.  Even if we found 50 things where we spent .012% of our budget - that would still only amount to .62% of our budget (I think my math is correct). 

My point is  that at the rate Mitt Romney is cutting, he's going to have to find hundreds of little programs to cut to make any kind of dent in our deficit, and I'm sure there is a ton of waste that can and should be cut.  I'm just not sure if starting with PBS (actually CPB) should be #1 on the block. 

All this being said, I understand it is my personal duty as a citizen to pay and support the things I want.   In my research, I discovered that for every $1 CPB receives from the government, they actually raise $6 from viewers and listeners like me!  So this week, I donated $25 to my local PBS station (I've already donated money to NPR this year).   I grew up watching Big Bird and Mr. Rogers and The Electric Company  -  and even though Thomas the Train has got to be the most boring children's programming ever invented, my son loves it.  So, you're welcome Cash and Bird Bird and Elmo! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jog Waddle

The blog is Running with Lumpy & Chicken, but since Chicken has been growing in my stomach (and the tingly feet began) there hasn't been much running.  The tingly feet have gotten better, but my stomach has gotten much growier.  I got a good month of solid jogging done, but now my jog-waddle has become more of a waddle-waddle.  

I really, really hope after Chicken arrives I'm able to start jog-running again.  I miss it.

This afternoon Cub got a small lesson in economics.

There was a train table (not unlike the one we have at home) at the place we took Cash to get his haircut.  We let him play with the train table after he got his haircut.  The train table was significantly less impressive than the one he plays with at home, but it had a "little Thomas" and he was in love.  When we left he was very upset that he could not bring little Thomas home (I imagine that his aunt Liz will say that he wanted to "steal" little Thomas because I stole Cash's apples the other day at McDonalds).  

We told Cash that we could take him to Target to get his own little Thomas.  This is Cash (upset) and Buttin (giving me the - "really? we're going to go BUY him a little Thomas to get him to stop crying" - look). 

Here's Cash after we purchased little Thomas (very excited). 

Cash's train set at home is the generic one - not the Thomas one - the train pieces cost about $2 each. Thomas pieces are much more expensive.  Buttin and I were amazed by how pricey a little wooden Thomas cost.  Buttin taught Cash (and here comes the economics lesson) - that Thomas is a "money grab".

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Apples

This afternoon I took Cash to the pretty McDonalds by our house (not the dirtier one we went to a couple of weeks ago) for some french fries and playtime.

I ordered a chicken nugget happy meal knowing full well that the french fries were the only things he would probably eat (no nuggets, no apples). 

He devoured most of the french fries and then decided to play. I wanted a snack so I ate his apples.

He came back to the table a few minutes later and asked, "Where's my apples?"..

I told him I ate his apples and this was the look he gave me.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Misfit Monday

Trade show was a great success.  We got 2nd Place (again), but our nurses were the most popular attraction at the show.  

I'm really happy it's over.

It seems as though all the misfit misbehavior that was put on hold while we were preparing for the trade show is now back in full force.  Where to begin?  Car accident, showing up stinky for a job, bickering, and complaining - seem to be common things this week.  Oh well - all things considered, Buttin and I are actually in pretty good moods.

Here is Cubbie today telling me how to drive - he's saying "Go, Mama, Go!".