Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some Good Stuff

In bullet point form
  • For my birthday this year, I'm taking the day off work and having a spa day with my favorite parenting critic, Liz. 
  • Buttin and I are taking a little vacation this year.  We'll be celebrating America's Independence Day in Canada - more specifically, Toronto.  Buttin and I are still debating the pronunciation (Tor-ron-to or Taronto); however, I was listening to NPR the other day and they used the deliberate three syllable pronunciation, not the one where it runs all together. 
  • Cub had a good appointment today with a new ENT.  He's very nice and he's actually the wife of Ari Brown, the author of Baby 411.  Oddly enough, his wife works at the same pediatric clinic as Dr. Boston (which I knew), so I find it kind of strange that Dr. Boston would have recommended Dr. Butthead Jack-a-tard over her colleague's husband.  I told the new ENT (we'll call him Dr. Calm) about Dr. Butthead and Dr. Calm asked me his name.  I told him Dr. Butthead's real name and Dr. Calm said that Dr. Butthead was extremely smart, but not so great with people.  Dr. Calm said that if his children had serious ENT issues - he would send them to Dr. Butthead, but that any ole monkey (his words, not mine) can remove adenoids.  I like Dr. Calm.  Anyway, we're going to schedule to get Cub's adenoids removed soon.  He said the surgery only takes about 20 minutes and the good news - no pre-op blood work!!!  Yipppe for Cub and even bigger yipppee for me! Dr. Calm does NOT recommend taking out Cub's tonsils since Cub is still so young (as Dr. Butthead suggested).  He said that removal of tonsils is a more involved surgery and that the patient can't really act like a two year old - they have to be able to follow instructions and a two year old can barely sit still for five seconds. 
Even though Dr. Calm was very, very nice - Cub still wasn't very happy.

Here he is after having his nose checked.

 Here he is playing hide-n-seek after the doctor left.

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  1. Glad you dumped Dr. Butthead and found Dr. Calm. Also glad that Cub can get some relief soon!