Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brave Boy

For all my worry yesterday, Cash was beyond brave today when having his adenoids removed.

This morning he woke up (right around 6:00) and asked for his "cookies".  I told him we could eat later and he never asked for food or milk or water again (until after surgery).  We played and watched dump truck videos for about 45 minutes before heading to the hospital.

The hospital check-in process was quick and efficient and Cub was hamming it up for the doctors and nurses.

 He went back to the operating room holding the anesthesiologist's hand and never once looked back at us. 

The doctor came out to visit us in the waiting room about 15 minutes later and said Cash's adenoids were HUGE.  Cash woke up about 15 minutes later and we went back in the recovery room to comfort him (this was the only time he was NOT happy).  He cried for quite a while in the recovery room.  The nurse said that the dizzy feeling is strange and little kids just cry because they don't understand the sensation.  After about 30 minutes of crying, the nurse suggested we leave because sometimes little kids feel trapped and just want to get home.  She was right (she wasn't just trying to get rid of us).  As soon as we got outside - the crying stopped.  He was still a little groggy on the car ride home, but no tears.

When we got home he laid around for about 30 minutes and then got up and started dancing.  Here he is resting with Buttin. 

Miss Hannah came over to stay with Cash around 10:30 and he didn't even notice that I left.

Miss Hannah said Cash fell asleep in the chair once and fell asleep while at the park swinging a couple of times, but he didn't take a real nap.  Here he is asleep in the swing  - it's pretty cute (but looks pretty uncomfortable).

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