Monday, June 18, 2012

Cub & Chicken

Today's Misfit Monday is being interrupted for updates on Cub & Chicken.

Tomorrow morning Cub is having his adenoids removed.  I feel silly admitting it, but I'm much more concerned about keeping our little two-year-old from eating or drinking than the procedure itself.  It just feels cruel to keep him from food and water (even though I understand it) when he doesn't comprehend the logic.  

I got some advice today from fellow parents and his teachers at school.  Everyone recommended distraction and keeping him up a little later.  His teacher also recommended letting go of my anxiety because Cub will sense it.  She also said to be direct and honest when he asks for food.  She said we should not apologize or say "I wish I could give you food . . ." because that sends mixed messages - apparently - Cub currently thinks I'm "all powerful".  We should just say "We're not eating right now, but we'll eat later."  Hmm . . .easier said than done.

This afternoon I took Cub to the pool (who is now counting to three and jumping off the edge and into my arms) to wear him out.  We also stuffed him with every food he wanted - four cookies?  OK!  two packages of fruit snacks? Absolutely!  He also ate some cheese and milk.  We kept him up about 45 minutes later than usual, so hopefully all of this keeps him in bed a little longer  (6:15 would be ideal).   

Please, please, please Cubbie sleep in and don't ask for food in the morning. 

I had my 13.5 week Chicken appointment this morning with my wonderful midwife - Midwifey (creative, I know).  Chicken is doing well - heart rate is 155.  I HAVE NOT gained "a generous" amount of weight since my last appointment (I've actually lost), which is surprising because I haven't been able to run and my first trimester diet has consisted mostly of fried cheese, popcorn and chicken fried steak.  

My next appointment is in five weeks and that's when we'll do the anatomy ultrasound.   

Here is Cub today giving me the what for because I tried to help him pull his wagon to the pool.  

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!! Wait...You are pregnant?! I leave on a 3 week vacation and I come back and you are pregnant?! :) WOW! So so so many congratulations to you guys! I hope everything went well with Cub's surgery, and I think your first trimester diet is spot-on! :) You must be feeling pretty good to eat that stuff. All I ate was pineapple and Captain Crunch for 3 months...

    Again, yay!