Monday, June 4, 2012

Misfit Monday

Sometimes our customers are misfits.

Sometimes our customers are a-hole misfits.

Here is a conversation I had on the phone with an ultra-mega a-hole.

Me:  Hello, Carpet Warehouse.
A-hole:  How much for a piece of carpet?
Me:  Do you mean a remnant?
A-hole:  Yeah, like the left over piece.
Me:  Oh, it's a pretty big range - maybe $75 - $200, but the best thing to do is to come to our warehouse and see what remnants we have available.
A-hole:  Well that's retarded. 
Me:  Excuse me?
A-hole:  Well, I talked to another carpet company and they told me the same price range, but you're just retarded if you think I'm going to pay that much money.  I just need something to park my car on.
Me:  OK, well you can come see what we have available.
A-hole:  It sounds like a waste of time.  What would a brand new small piece of your cheapest carpet cost me?
Me:  Oh, about $75 - $100
A-hole:  That's just retarded.  You're going to charge me $75 - $100 for a piece of brand new carpet and $75 - $200 for a remnant?
Me:  Well, they're both new pieces of carpet.  The remnants aren't used.
A-hole:  You're retarded.  I hope you all go out of business and don't sell one more piece of carpet, never.
Me:  "click"

Yeah.  Sometimes answering the phones is lots of fun. 

Cash man says "hold you" when you wants to be picked up and carried.  Today, he met a deer friend and kept telling it "hold you".  I don't think Cub understood that the deer had no desire or capability to hold him.

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  1. Her choice of wording showed her ignorance right away, what a winner.

    My son used to say "I want to hold you" when he wanted to be picked up, too. I miss that. Now he says stuff like "excitement is when you crash your bike and hurt your nuts.". I suppose I'll miss those comments someday too, lol.