Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Splash Pad Day

Cub's school is closed today and tomorrow for teacher in-service. Buttin and I took turns going into work and staying with Cub.

This afternoon, Graby and I needed some time outside the house and with the relative cool front (the high was only 101) we decided to visit a new splash pad.

The Quarry Splash Pad is out in the middle of nowhere - part of the Williamson County Regional Park, but totally worth the trip. 

Admission is $1, but kind of on the honor system.  The little kiosk dollar taking machine wasn't working today, so there was a sign that said "Free".

Since most other schools were open today, Graby and I had the place mostly to ourselves.

We walked around a little while just exploring. 

 Then we made some friends.

There is a fun slide that Graby loved going down, backwards and on his tummy.  He did it about 17,345 times.

There is also a big sand pit.  Cub didn't really feel like sitting down and playing in it. 

Even with all the exciting splash pad features, Cub still had to walk about half a football field away and look for poo.  Thankfully, we just found rocks that looked like poo. 

I really enjoyed our adventure to the new splash pad.  It's about 10 minutes further away than the one we usually visit, but it's much more spread out and has lots of grass (fake stuff) and picnic tables. 

Graby seemed to really enjoy it too.

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  1. Call me next time you go there! I can meet you and play too!