Sunday, September 11, 2011

To The Zoo

It was 102 this afternoon, so in our parental wisdom we decided to take Cub to the Austin Zoo

The Austin Zoo is actually an animal sanctuary - they're all rescues.  It's not a flashy/touristy kind of zoo, but I was pretty impressed with the variety of animals - lions, tigers, bears, pigs, primates, birds and a cute little petting zoo area with sheep, goats, chickens and deer. 

Here are a few pictures.

Obviously excited about the pig. 
Not hitting the snake glass. Promise.

Feeding the deer. 

Picture with black bear.  There really was a bear, but he didn't want to pose.

Do Not Touch or Feed the Cash Cub.
Some kind of primate (not pictured), but Cub thinks it looks like a cat.
Very energetic lion.
Walking out, holding hands with Daddy.
We plan to go again soon - when it gets cooler. 

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