Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nice Cool Yassos

Since Tuesday's post was Cash's 17 month letter, I didn't write about running.  Running this week has been nice with the slightly cooler temperatures. 

On Tuesday morning, our group did six Yasso 800s . A long, long time ago when I was preggo with Cub, I frequently did Yassos   - I actually wrote about doing a six Yasso workout here

In theory, if you do 10 Yasso 800s in a row, it's supposed to be a predictor of your marathon time.  Two years ago when I did Yassos - my average time was about five minutes, meaning I should have been capable of a five hour marathon. Hmmm.

Well on Tuesday, my average time (even though we only did six) was 3:58!!!  If I do a 3:58 marathon - I think I just might stand my head, twirl and spit nickles.  I guess it's good to have a goal and I'd be overjoyed with a 4:58 marathon time.  

I caught Cub mid-sentence today in this picture.  Anyone whose seen him "talking" in person, knows this face and I think it's adorable.  

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