Monday, September 19, 2011

Misfit Monday

The trade show is one week from Thursday.

In our production of Caddyshack, I will be playing The Gopher. 

Today my goal was to find a costume that was under $35.  I though maybe I could make my own by purchasing some brown pajamas (a la the bunny costume from the bowling tournament), some ears and a tail.  I tried various Google searches because "gophers" aren't very popular costumes - go figure.  However, I quickly learned that work is probably not the best place to Google, "beaver tail" or "beaver costume".  When I tried Googling "squirrel tail" - my search results include "authentic squirrel fur tail" and "live squirrel".  

In the end, I found a used Gopher costumer - this is what it looks like:

Since it's a used costume, I hope it's not from someone with a furry fetish - and if you don't know what that is, I don't recommend Googling it at work.

Now, here's Cub doing his impression of a gopher.

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