Saturday, September 10, 2011


I finally did a 20 mile training run.  My time (including my water stops/walks) was 3:59:40 (which is about four seconds slower than Sarah Palin's fastest marathon time - argh!), but I am pretty please with my time. 

Today was my longest run since doing a marathon almost two years ago.

It was a great morning - about 65 degrees and not much wind. 

The first 18 miles were relatively uneventful.  The only issue I had was at about the 6 mile mark - I ate a Gu and I stuck the package in my mouth and when I pulled it out I cut the inside of my mouth with the wrapper.  It was unpleasant, but it hurts worse now (after a day of sticking my tongue on it) than it did during my run.  For the first 18 miles, I felt almost no discomfort - just a little soreness starting to settle into some of my muscles.  

At about mile 18 I started to get pretty warm and I was in an area with no shade.  I did a little walking just to keep myself from getting too tired, but every time I'd walk a little, my muscles would tighten up.  It actually felt better to slow jog, so that's what I did.  

I actually stopped my watch at exactly 20 miles - I wasn't running any further.  

I walked the half mile back to Rogue.  I got there AFTER all the people who were running 22 miles were on their way home (some of them were probably already home).

Here is a picture of Graby playing outside today.  It's starting to get pretty hot again (sigh) in the afternoon, so we had to limit our outside time.


  1. Good job on running 20 miles! I don't even think I drove 20 miles today so you are really an overachiever in my eyes!

    If you pour Splenda directly into the cut in your mouth it will heal it...I saw that on House one time.

    Your not quite a Doctor friend,


  2. Your such an inspiration! Great Job!!!!