Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hill People

Today part of our group (the part I'm in) did hill repeats - our coach called us the hill people.

It was a 6.5 mile work out:
2.25 mile warm-up
2 miles of hills (4 x up a big huge hilly hill and then back down)
2.25 mile cool-down

I am now the official "turtle monitor".  It's pretty dark while we're running and our coach frequently asks me where "so-and-so" is on the route (especially, if we're doing something like hill repeats where we see the same people over and over again).  She only ever asks me about the the slow people (like me) because I don't even know the names of the fast people.  She always apologizes for asking me to be the "monitor", but it's good to have a task. 

Papa is in town until tomorrow morning, so Cub and I spent the afternoon and my aunt and uncle's house with papa.

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