Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dear Cash - 17 Months

Dear Cash-Cub,

I love it when the monthly anniversary of your birth occurs on a Tuesday.  You were born on a Tuesday.

I missed your 16 month letter and a lot has changed since your 15 month birthday. 

You babble a lot, but still don't say many distinguishable words.  You do a lot of signs - some are actual sign language and some are modified ones that only we understand.  You know - cat, dog, duck, chicken, bird, horse, pig, frog, fish, star, more, thank you, please, all done and milk - BUT - no mommy or daddy.  I'm really looking forward to the day when you call me something. 

You may not say much, but you understand a ton.  You follow instructions (when you want) very well.  We go outside everyday and you diligently get your shoes and sunscreen when asked.  You also want to help with pretty much everything we do - from sweeping the floor (like that happens a lot) to brushing your teeth to flushing the toilet. 

One thing that has really changed (and I've been meaning to dedicate an entire post to it) is that you have almost completely stopped breastfeeding.  I'm so glad that we did this on our timetable.  If I think about it too much - it makes me sad, but because it has dwindled down slowly - it has been easier on both of us.  At night, instead of nursing - I just read you books.  Right now you really enjoy a book about animal hugs and kisses.  Your new favorite animal is the otter, but I can't seem to find the sign for "otter". 

You are pretty much a solids eating machine now.  It took you a while, but now your meals frequently include: hotdog, cheese, rice, goldfish, crackers, bananas (you ate three bananas in one day this weekend), apple newtons and bagels.  You don't eat many vegetables so we're working on those.

Regarding naps you are pretty much down to one nap a day.  It took you a while to get to this schedule on the weekends, but now that you're on it - we're all a little more used to it. 

You are showing signs of toddler-ness - but mostly it's the good stuff.  You're super curious, playful and you have the best laugh in the whole wide world which make all the tantrums a little (just slightly) more bearable.

Little Cub, please don't grow up too quickly and please be sweet to me and your dad.  We love you more than cookie dough and Sonic ice and all the other stuff we love combined.  

Hugs and Kisses (slobbery ones, that you now give spontaneously and upon request),

Here are a couple pictures of you from today.

On your swing.

Doing your Saturday Night Fever dance (well, actually pointing at a plane).

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