Friday, October 7, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

I'm pro-protesting (the peaceful kind). 

During the past week, I've been fascinated by the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Their major position is that they are sick and tired of the greed from the top 1% of our country.  The movement represents  the diverse group Americans who comprise the bottom 99%.   They are peacefully protesting in Liberty Square.  

I've read a few articles that say this is like the Tea Party for Democrats although the movement claims to be non-political (there is actually a Occupy Party website, but the Occupy Wall Street group is not affiliated).  I do feel that regardless of the political party in power our government is run by a small number of corporations. 

Occupy Wall Street doesn't seem to have clearly defined goals (although, one should be - free cookie dough for everyone), but I'm excited to see people doing something (even if that's just standing in the streets with clever signs). 

This week I donated $10 to Occupy Wall Street.  I hope they use my money to make signs and buy cookie dough.

The movement is spreading and there's an Occupy Austin -  marching today on Bank of America at 4 PM. I donated $5 to them.  I hope they use my $5 to make it rain (like real water falling from the sky). 

1 comment:

  1. So, let me get this straight. You donated $15 of your hard earned dollars to a bunch of people who are hanging out and doing nothing? Really that is all they are doing. I guarantee the "protesters" in Austin will put your $5 toward pot and munchies. The New York crowd will just use it to pay for their subway fare home. These aren't needy people. They are just people with too much time on their hands who are choosing to hang out in the street in the hopes that people employed by Wall Street will give a shit.

    Tip: Wall Street employees will think the people in the street are idiot losers who are actually un-accomplishing something by taking time off work (if they have jobs) to be ignored by rich people who take town cars to work. Wall Streeters were never trying to win a popularity contest in the first place so protesting them and saying "we don't like you" will have literally no impact on them at all.

    Nice job, your $15 is making a huge difference to a few pot smoking goofballs.

    In contrast I gave $50 to Musicians On Call, an organization that brings live music to the bedsides of terminally ill people. Hmmm....wonder who is having more impact today, me or you? Hint: its me.

    Here is a top 10 list of things you could have spent your $15 on that would make more sense than giving it to protestors:

    1. Paying for a manicure.
    2. Buying me a manicure.
    3. Buying $15 worth of canned goods and giving it to the Austin Area Food Bank.
    4. Rolling $15 up and throwing it out the window at one of those people who beg at corners.
    5. Using the bills to roll a joint -- and then smoke it.
    6.Putting the money in Cash's piggy bank. (Does he have one or does he just steal any money he needs from the neighbors?)
    7. Buying several tubs of cookie dough and eating them.
    8. Buying a bushel of magic beans from a gypsy.
    9.Getting a really small tattoo.
    10. Literally setting the money on fire in front of a homeless person and laughing at them while they cry and beg for booze.

    Your altruistic and practical friend,