Sunday, October 2, 2011

Great Day!

OK - lots going on, so I'll just do bullet points.
  • 10 mile run yesterday - great and easy. I LOVE it when 10 miles is easy (it also didn't hurt that it was 59 degrees).
  • Went to movie with Liz yesterday afternoon - Killer Elite (about 2 cookies) - the action stuff was fun, but the plot was just so-so.  However, you don't need a great plot for a fun Saturday matinee.
  • This morning I went to a Baby Mama's brunch and it was so nice seeing them.  It's so hard to believe that we've only known each other about 17 months.  
  • Cub has tooth #9 and I think #10 will be here soon.  This has meant a little grumpiness.  
  • This afternoon, we took Cub to an elementary school playground that had a really nice selection of toddler toys.  Here he is playing peek-a-boo inside a little house.

We also took puppy to the park (I think his name is becoming Riggs) - he had a good time too. 
Here's a cute picture of Buttin, Cub and puppy at home in the backyard this afternoon.
In honor of Fantastic Fest (the one week movie festival Buttin has been at) ending, Cub decided to make his own little horror movie - via red washable paint all over himself. 

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