Monday, October 10, 2011

Misfit Monday

No work for me today because Cub's school was closed. 

However, we did make a trip to the office because when I got in my car this morning (Cash and I were taking a trip to target) - it was FLOODED

Yup, that's right.  What are the chances that two cars in a row would flood? My windows weren't cracked so I have no idea how the water got in, but I do know that my car smells fabulous.  

Thankfully, one of our cleaning technicians was able to perform a quick water extraction (thanks misfit!) and on the upside it made me clean out my car (lots and lots of half eaten Goldfish crackers and smushed bagels).

This morning we played a little with Archer.  The boys had fun racing down driveways.  I think my son gets his awesome running expression from me:


Buttin decided to get creative at work and here's how he modified the picture:

No doubt he has a career in graphic design if this whole flooring thing doesn't work out.

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  1. I thought Archer was your Monday misfit but then I actually read your post. Glad you had a nice and helpful misfit to write about today! Well I'm off to go and have a nightmare about this scene now, thanks to Matt!