Friday, October 14, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

A few weeks ago, we adopted Riggs from the Great Dane Rescue of Southeast Texas

Great Danes are the 17th most popular dog breed in the United States.  Their popularity (unfortunately) means a lot large dogs in shelters or abandoned or worse (things I can't even think about).  The GDRST takes in about 3 - 10 Great Danes (or Dane mixes as in the case with Riggs) per week!  Many of them aren't surrendered - they're found roaming the streets of Houston or worse (again, things I don't want to think about) and don't have names.  GDRST gives them names (example, Riggs was originally Griggs which is the name of a street in Houston).  

Last week, I sent GDRST an update on Riggs including pictures of him with Cash and Buttin.  This past weekend, they took in six Danes and one of them they named, Cash!

Appropriately, Cash (the Great Dane) is a black Dane.

GDRST liked the name Cash and when they met the black Great Dane, they thought it was an appropriate fit.  I was just tickled! 

Cash (the Great Dane) is still a puppy, but he's already 125 lbs.   He was found by animal control tied to a pole on a concrete slab and his collar was so embedded - it required surgery.  Cash (the Great Dane) is doing much better now and almost ready for a home.

Since he is my child's namesake, I donated $25 to the GDRST to help Cash.

My donation also gave me an idea (I'm sure other rescues have come up with this idea) and I told my new friends at GDRST about it.

I think they should offer a "NAME A DANE" donation.  For example, if someone donated $100 they could name the next Great Dane that entered rescue.  

I was delighted they named a puppy after Cash. I'm sure other people would love to name a dog (either after themselves or any name) and would be willing to donate money to do it. 

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