Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Running & Riggs

Today was my first team work out without my running buddy.

She ran the Chicago Marathon this past Sunday - did it in a 4:07 (we definitely can't be friends anymore).  If I go a 4:57 - I'll do something (can't think of anything right now) crazy and uncharacteristically me.

It's difficult to believe that my race is less than two weeks away.

This week we did a pretty long workout - 8.3 miles.

1.15 mile warm up
3 x 2 miles (alternating .5 mile HMGP and .5 mile MGP)
1.15 mile cool down

I did alright - my average for the entire workout was 11:05/mile.  

In other running news, Rogue is looking for volunteers for this new heart rate/zone training method they're tying.  I love training in zones, so I volunteered.  I was rejected because (get this) I'm too fast!  I wonder if I'm just so slow that they're trying to let me down easy.
Today we got an update on Riggs at puppy boot camp.  Apparently, he's playing very well with all the other dogs and responding well to their "calming signals".  His first day at boot camp he wasn't taking "no" for an answer when other dogs wanted to stop playing - they called him an obnoxious child.  He wasn't aggressive, he just wouldn't let the other dogs stop playing - he'd keep bouncing around trying to get the other dog to play.  He likes to party, but I guess he's gotten over it.  They also said he's a big goof ball when playing, but smart when it comes to his training sessions.  I'm sure they say this to all dog parents, but it's good to hear. 

Here's our other little goof ball today in his wagon.  Notice the tears?  He had just fallen out (well kind of jumped out) of his wagon and didn't really like the result.

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  1. Glad Riggs is making progress at camp! Awww, poor little guy...he looks super cute even with the tears and pouty face!