Monday, August 20, 2012

Misfit Monday

It's almost the end of an era.

Barbie will be leaving us (kind of) in about a week and a half.

She's going to stay at home to spend more time with her daughter (during these all so important pre-teen and teen years) and she's going to help out Tubby-Tub (her husband and fellow misfit) with some of his computer work. 

It is impossible to replace Barbie, but we did find someone to fill her position and she'll be starting later this week.  We've had a bunch of misfits come and go during the past four years (yes, it's been four years since Buttin and I became small business owners), but never anyone in the "back office".  It feels so strange.  Like someone that you're used to seeing everyday - just isn't there anymore.

I will miss Barbie, but completely understand her reasoning for leaving and I look forward to getting to know a new misfit.  I think I'll call her Bambie (I'm sure she'll hate that name).  

Here is Cub today getting ready for a bike ride.  We never actually went on a bike ride because I told him he had to change his diaper and try going to the bathroom.  He got to the taking off his diaper part, but then just decided he wanted to be naked and even I don't think it' safe to bike ride naked. 

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