Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I was really looking forward to meeting with the doctor at Rogue tonight during their FREE injury clinic.  I even missed Cub's bedtime to attend.

Too bad I went to the WRONG location and the right location was downtown (too far to drive at 6:45 in the evening).  I know they'll have other injury clinics soon and maybe I'll have the patience to wait - my other option - large amounts of meth or heroine or something else to make this maddening tingly feeling go away.  It's still not painful - just very, very annoying.

I'm not sure at what point I call my doctor back and tell him MY FEET ARE STILL TINGLY - maybe it's time to try acupuncture or chiropracture (is it chiropracturing? I'm not sure what the noun is that means "going to the chiropractor") or alcohol.  

Now, two pictures of Cub for the day.

One that just cracked me up.

And another that's just cute.


  1. tingling feet are NO GOOD! Good luck!

  2. Blast! Ug! So sorry you missed that. I think the large amounts of meth would definitely work for the tingly feet, but then you have the scabs, rotting teeth, and tweaky brain issues to deal with, so hopefully there is another option...

  3. A: you spelled heroin incorrectly. Nice work.

    B: Your feet are tingly because they want you to rest them and/or go get a pedicure.

    C: Meth will make your teeth fall out so I recommend that you score some oxy from some dude on a street corner. You may not remember your name the next day but at least you won't feel any pain...or anything else. Or, if you are feeling less adventurous just crack open some vodka. That is my go-to painkiller.

    D: In other news (and more important news because its about me) my freaking foot is killing me. The cut I told you about this morning may or may not have gangrene now. I hope my foot doesn't have to be amputated because if it does I am going to be really annoyed.

    E: Next Wednesday night you and Matt have to come to Pluckers (motto: we have food but you can't have any of it) for trivia night. Jonathan and I did pretty well tonight but with you guys along we will be a dream team. Especially in the music and "name that tune" categories.

    F: Quit whining about your feet - its unseemly and my cut/infected/disfigured toe is way more conversation-worthy than "tingly" feet which you could be (and probably are) making up just to get people to feel sorry for you. Narcissist.

    G: I have to go now. Law and Order SVU is about to start...I don't have all evening to give you advice and help you improve your life. Plus I really have to go to the bathroom.

    The end.

    Your generous yet very injured friend, Liz