Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Little Something

So, I know I keep talking about my tingly feet and that's probably not very interesting to my three readers so I promise to try and find a new topic next week.  However, in tingly foot news, they're still tingly. 

Today I did a little stationary bike ride in our office.  Barbie brought a stationary bike up to work a couple of years ago and so far it's been used once (and now twice).  On my non-walk/jogging mornings I plan to do a little bike ride to supplement my lack of mileage. I'm hoping it improves my mood. 

Cub has been in a really funny mood the last few days. I haven't spent anytime detailing  Cash-cutenesses lately, so I'll share one - he loves to sing along to songs we sing.  We've sung "You are my sunshine" to Cub every night since he was about 6 weeks old.  It's always calmed him.  Now, he sings with us as we put him to bed.  He sings the words - sunshine, happy, grey, dear and you.  It's pretty sweet. 

Here he is today eating some veggie straws on the porch. 


  1. Lets recap:

    Your feet tingle.

    Your child is singing songs.

    Wow, your life is fascinating.

  2. In fact, I AM fascinated by your tingly feet.
    I want them to be untingly because riding stationary bikes sucks. But it is better than nothing.

    I have no idea what veggie straws are. But if they are not fish sticks and applesauce, my kid will just throw them anyway, so...