Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tomorrow, It Gets Better

The past couple weeks I've kind of been in a funk. 

My sporadic running and tingly feet (not to mention misfit shenanigans) has had me in a foul mood.

With Buttin's help, I'm making a plan to get over myself and adapt to my new situation (the tingly feet).  
  • On Tuesday - I'm going to see a chiropractor.  I've never seen on in my ENTIRE life, but since I have to wait three weeks to see a neurologist, I figured I might try something while I wait.
  • I'm also going to try to walk or do some other kind of working out (maybe even join a gym) everyday of the week (I think chasing Cub must count for at least two weekly workouts).
  • In about three weeks I'm going to see a neurologist, who will probably tell me that I'm crazy, but at least we can start identifying the tingly feet issue (unless the chiropractor is able to work some magic).  
  •  If all else fails, I will eat massive amounts of cookie dough  and flick spit balls at misfits.
Here's a picture of our little mouth-breather sleeping.   We heard from Dr. Boston and Cub's adenoids are very large so he has an appointment with an ENT in a few weeks.  

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  1. Well if all else fails you can call Martta and get some tips on making crafts....that is her outlet (as you know). I'll bet you could make some really nice potholders if you put your mind to it.

    Your helpful friend,