Thursday, April 5, 2012

On The Eve Of Your 2nd Birthday

Dear Cash,

On this night two years ago, I was oblivious to so many things - like:
  • The fact that I was IN LABOR and not having gas pains;
  • The fact that you were a boy (a thought which never occurred to me); 
  • The fact that I would so deeply fall in love with you; and
  • The fact that two years would go by so quickly.
Sweet baby Turd (we call you turd, among many other things), I don't think your father and I could have ever imagined how much you would consume our hearts and souls.  I showed a picture of you to your dad yesterday and he responded (via text): "I fall in love with that boy at least 100 times a day". 

I fall in love daily with the both you (this means, I win).

Here are a few things I started last year:

Favorite Color:  Red
Favorite Word: "No" and "Drive"
Favorite Food: Veggie Straws
Favorite Thing To Do: Drive
Last time you cried:  You "toddler" cry all the time, but I don't remember the last time you really cried.  I think that's a good thing.
Last time you smiled:  Tonight, while you were getting ready for bed.
What I think you'll be when you grow up:  A train conductor or singer or man who lives with his mom till he's 30 (which I highly encourage). 

New Things - 

Nicknames: Turd, Sugarman and Cub
Favorite Song: Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Shake -Shake-Shake and Pop Goes The Weasel. 
Favorite Book :  Right now, Airplanes or Snuggle Wuggle

My sweet little Sugarman Turd Cub, there is nothing you could ever do (beside hate cookie dough) that could keep me from loving you, protecting you and wanting the best for you.  Please be sweet to me and your dad and please don't grow up too quickly.

Love you more than ever,

Now, here is a picture of you representing how I FELT about 30 seconds after you were born.

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