Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Insert Clever Title Here

Right now, I'm not sure if I can form complete sentences - so here are some updates  with bullet points and sentence fragments.
  • Morning training run - "easy" 5 miles at a 11:21 minute/mile pace.  This included hills and a water stop.  At one point during the run (closer to the end), I asked the woman running with me - Is this difficult for you?.  Woman: No, not really.  I'm not sure if the two of us are going to be friends.  
  • We also did several running drills - I'm so slow, I came in last even during the drills.  Some of the drills include things like - skipping, running backwards and sideways and multiplication tables.  Not really the last one, but maybe if cookie dough eating or diaper changing was a drill, I would stand a better chance. 
  • I'm leaving tomorrow for a small trip to Houston to help my friend Nana with her twins (remember, they were born on Cub's birthday).  I'm looking forward to seeing Nana, her sister Weenie and the little girls but I'm not looking forward to being away from Cub.  I'm feeling a little sad about it, if I'm being honest.  I know Buttin and Cub will be just fine without me, but I hope neither one forgets me.
  • We were notified by our landlord that we need to be out of our house by June 30th or sign a 9 month lease.  This means, we need to find a house ASAP (not ideal) or stay in our rental house longer than we had originally planned.  We're leaning towards signing another lease and then maybe finding a house sometime in the fall and then we can slowly move into the new house.  Buttin and I may go looking at houses in the next few days, but really there's no time.  Not to mention, we really don't have time to be moving right now!
  • Some of my family members from Florida might be coming for a visit next week.  It'll be really nice to see them.  I hope they're OK with a slightly crazy, frazzled and otherwise sweaty sister/daughter.
Here is my little Cub today, playing outside.

Did I mention that I'm really going to miss him (and his daddy too)?

P.S. Probably no blog posts for the next couple of days.  I hope to return to blogging in time for Filanthropy Friday.  

Monday, May 30, 2011

Misfit Monday

It's Memorial Day and also Misfit Monday (a lesser known holiday). 

Thankfully for America, most of our misfits (I include myself) aren't qualified to serve in the military.  We did have one misfit (who no longer works with us) who was in the military. 

One day, this misfit got into a rather odd confrontation with another misfit.  The confrontation ended when ex-Army misfit stomped on the desk of the other misfit.  As in, he climbed on top of a desk and left shoe prints all over the papers on the other misfit's desk.  He had a good little tantrum.

Here's our little tantrum throwing toddler (sometimes I think a grump-alien-toddler replaced my sweet baby), playing the role of drill sergeant to new recruit, Mouser.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy Day, Fun Day


Today was busy. 

We spent most of the afternoon at Liz & Jonathan's house playing in the pool.  Cub loved the pool.  

I love his sweet face. 

Cub was supposed to take a nap at Liz & Jonathan's house before going onto our next stop.  Cub decided to play instead.  Oh well.

Next we went to my cousin's graduation party.  We showed up kind of early, because we had to leave early.

Here's my cousin (isn't she pretty?), my aunt and my uncle.

When we got home (around 4:45), we fed Cub a quick dinner and then he fell asleep on our walk.  Poor guy was pooped. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My New Lens

I'm not sure if I mentioned it yet, but I got a new camera lens or Mother's Day.

It's super fast and sharp and I love it.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday that I love.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

Today's Filanthropy Friday idea is from one of my Baby Mama friends, Heather.  

She wrote to me a few weeks ago praising the organization Homes For Our Troops.  They modify homes for our severely injured troops.  I thought it would be an excellent choice for Memorial Day Weekend.

Since starting Filanthropy Friday, I've gotten very good at googling charity-related stuff (don't be jealous of my talents).  A few weeks ago, I discovered Charity Navigator which  gives ratings to charities based upon efficiencies, effectiveness and amount of cookie dough consumed. You can use Charity Navigator to search charities by rating, need level or category.  They've also compiled some pretty interesting top 10 lists - like 10 Celebrity-Related Charities and 10 Charities Overpaying Their For-Profit Fundraisers.

Not surprisingly, Homes For Our Troops is a 4-star rated charity. One of the great things about Homes For Our Troops is that you can donate money to homes being modified for local troops and you can help do the work (I'd be a lot of help, if the task was eating cookie dough).  

In honor of my dad, an Air Force veteran, I gave $35 to SSG Nicholas McCoy and the project for his home in Boerne, TX (where my dad and mom live). 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mormor & Dadoo Visit

Mormor and Dadoo are in town for a visit.

No surprise, they brought Cub a gift - a potty chair!!

Here's Cub helping Dadoo with the instructions.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rogue Update: A Summary Of My Turtledom

So today was technically my first running day with my marathon training group. 

It pretty much confirmed my suspicions - I'm slow.  As in, back-of-the-way-back-of-the-pack, slow. 

Here's an indication of my slowness -
  • Our coach is 50 year old woman and she just completed the Texas Ironman on Saturday.  She placed 2nd in her age group.  She finished the marathon portion of the race in 4:07.  That means AFTER a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike - she was able to go a per mile running pace of 9:42.  I wish I could do 9:42 per mile pace, rested for just 13 miles.  In Summary:  She can kick my ass!
  • Some of the people in my training group (there are about 30) are  running marathons this weekend (for fun) and plan to be pacers for the "slow" 4:15 group.  I wish I could be this slow.
  • As part of our work out today, we did a four mile easy run.  I met two other women (who are in their early 30s, like me) and we ran the four miles together.  I had to WORK to keep up with their EASY pace - 10:21 (as a reminder, this is tons slower than our coaches ironman pace).  Only three runners in our group finished after us (and I think they got lost). 
  • One of the women I ran with did the Chicago marathon last year in 3:57.  I'd literally eat beans (some know how difficult this would be for me) and poop marshmellows if I could ever finish in 4:57. 
I'm trying not to be too discouraged by my slowness.  The good news is that I can really only move up and hope to one day be in the middle-of-the-back-of-the-pack.  

It's been really hot and humid the past couple of days.  Graby doesn't seem to enjoy his pool as much as he used to (in and out and in and out) so I decided to turn on the hose (just a little) and see what he'd do.
He got soaked!

Then he tried to drink it and this was the look on his face.

Then I had to take his clothes off so that he could dry off.  He got ticked off because I took away the iPhone or maybe he just doesn't like his new outfit (just orange fuzzy diaper and pirate shoes).

Later he decided to be happy and helped me hang up his clothes to dry.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Misfit Monday

I was raised to write Thank You notes.  After a birthday, Christmas or other gift receiving occasion my mother would sit me down at the kitchen table and have/make me write thank you notes.  I dutifully wrote pretty much the same thing over and over again, but I got them done.

As an adult I've learned from my friend, Liz, how truly important writing thank you notes can be for your career.  She actually wrote the book on it.  People so seldom write (as in handwritten) thank you cards that it's always nice to receive one.  I have found that sending thank you notes is even more important now that I'm a small business owner.  Thank you notes usually leave an impression (even if it's - geez that girl has bad penmanship) and makes you memorable.

I was asked to stay on as Committee Outreach Committee chairperson for this coming year by the incoming president (of the trade association I always talk about).  I accepted and immediately sent her a "thank you for appointing me again" note.  She sent me an email today saying that the note made her day.  

I'm not exactly sure what the protocol is for responding to a "thank you for the thank you note" email, but I wrote the incoming president back and told her she could show her appreciation for my note with a gift of booze.  I'm sure Liz would approve.  

Here's Graby today (with me!).  He looks bored and is making the "more" sign.  I'm not sure what he wants "more" of - but I'm sure he wants me to take more pictures.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Just a few of life's little mysteries I'm currently pondering:
  • Bed crumbs - we don't eat in our bed, but every night when we go to bed, I feel little bits of stuff.  I usually just sweep it over to Buttin's side of the bed.  
  • Phantom poo - sometimes when I go to the bathroom, I swear I've gone #2 and then when I look in the toilet, there's nothing in it. 
  • Mysterious bruises - I've always had these, but I have even more since we had Cash.  Coincidence?  Probably not, the kid punches me - alot.
  • No beef - we just found out that the Vietnamese restaurant we've been ordering take out from at least once a week for the past seven years does not have beef.  Even stranger - that it took us this long to figure that out.
Here's little Cub focusing on his ball.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Got Lost

This morning was supposed to be my first run with my marathon training group.  I failed.  

I couldn't find the location where we were supposed to meet.  I looked it up when I got home - turns out it's location in a HUGE shopping center.  Oh well.

I did end up running - I went to a trail that I love and where I did most of my first marathon training.  It was a sweaty, gross six miles but at least I ran.

In other news today - Cash had his first play date with a friend from school, Fischer.  They only played for about an hour, but it's so much fun to watch them interact.  When we walked up to Fischer's front door, both of the boys just beamed at each other.  It was pretty cute.

Here's a picture of Cub chasing Peenie today.  He's really getting good at this walking thing and can do it pretty quickly when he wants.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

Since the rapture is happening tomorrow *eye roll* and the end of the world is upon us, I decided to donate to the Texas Freedom Network (sounds like some kind of armed militia, right?)

I know my $25 dollars are probably being wasted, but supporting public schools, defending civil liberties and protecting religious freedom (for all religions, not just the "right" ones - get it??) seems like a decent way to counteract all this nonsense. 

Of course tomorrow I might (or might not) be writing about how I was terribly wrong. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun In The Rain

This week has been exhausting - not bad, just busy.

For this reason, I'm taking the lazy way out my blog post today.

The good thing is that I have a ton of funny pictures of Graby playing in the rain.  Some afternoons he's just such a happy, happy baby and I get some of the cutest (to me) pictures.

Cub now blows kisses - out his ear, apparently.

Here he is drinking water off the driveway - don't judge me!

I don't know quite what he's doing here, but I love the expression on his face.

Super happy rain toddler - I love, love, love this picture.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless (Mostly) Wednesday

Today - it was just Cash & Henry at the park (well, Candy and I were there too).

It is so much fun watching them start to interact.

Peek-A-Boo (you can see Henry's hands)


I want your drink (this one cracks me up).

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Off To The Races

Well not yet, really.

I'm all signed up for Rogue Running and we start training THIS SATURDAY!  This will be our first long-ish run and it's scheduled to be seven miles .  Seven miles I can do - no problem - it's just a matter of how speedy I can go seven miles.  
I can do this long run in one of two places - downtown or up north.  I'm thinking the better runners will be downtown so maybe I should stay up north so as to not embarrass myself too much.  They'll be plenty of time for that later in training.  

Here's a picture of my little soon-to-be runner just walking around having a fun afternoon.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Misfit Monday

We have a misfit accused of doing a bad, bad thing  - stealing checks from a customer's home and then cashing them!

Our customer is extremely cooperative and she keeps apologizing - to us. She's still gathering information from her bank and the police, so we're just kind of waiting right now. 

We really trust this misfit so I'll be extremely disappointed if it turns out to be true.  This is one the small-business-owner things that I could do without.

Now, onto a happy topic - Cub.

Just for giggles - I put him in his Bumbo chair today.

Here is a picture of Cub from last August in his Bumbo.

Here he is today. 

He's still got the same smile. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thirty Second Movie Review - Bridesmaids


Love, love, love this movie so much - I saw it twice!  It's almost as funny as The Hangover, but it has more heart.  

Now, here's a little picture of my cookie monster.  Still not eating a cookie, but making a good mess.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Walk With Mouser

Story originally written on Thursday (but Blogger was down). 

My Walk With Mouser
by Cash Naylor

Today, I was having a grumpy afternoon.

My mommy, in all her wisdom told me I should go blow off some steam.  I decided to go outside for a walk with my dog-like cat, Mouser.

Mouser decided to fall behind and check out some birds.

But then he caught up (yeah!).  Side note: see the silver truck way in the back of the picture - that's where I live - I walked a long way (with the help of my rocket).

Next we decided to take a little break in our friend Archer's front yard.  He has acorns to play with and I love to eat acorns, much to the dismay of my mom.

We found something in Archer's front yard that looked like a brownie.  I don't eat brownies (or anything else, really), but my mom and Mormor LOVE brownies.

Whatever it was, it sure didn't taste very good.

After that yucky experience, I decided it was time to go back home. Mouser, where are you?

I found Mouser and we headed back home.

On our way back home, I found a very interesting truck.  Look mom, my reflection!

Mouser thought the truck was pretty interesting too.

Mouser led the way back home.  See, there's the silver truck again but now it's much, much closer.  

All the lazy kitties were waiting for us in the driveway.  Mouser is in the bottom right hand corner of the picture, Scratch and Peenie (the one sleeping in a lego box) are the lazy ones.  

Next, Mouser and I decided to play blocks.  I also hit him with a stick.  

After all that fun and excitement - Mouser and I decided to take a nap.  I only tried to bite him a couple of times.

I love Mouser.  He is the best kitty-cat ever.

The End.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear Cash - 13 months

Programming note:  Blogger was not working last night so I didn't post anything yesterday.  I meant to post this letter yesterday (I know it's WAY late).  Filanthropy Friday is below this post. 

Dear sweet toddler Cash,

I wonder how long I can continue calling you "months" old?  I always found it odd when people said "my son is twenty-five months", but I kind of understand now.  If I say the word "year" I will be verbally confirming my worst fear - you moving out of the house (one day).  You do want to live at home till your thirty (years), right?  I DO miss your baby-ness, but I'm enjoying and loving every minute of watching you grow.

The other night I went into your room to check on you before I went to bed.  It was still a little light out (yes, I go to bed THAT early) and I watched you sleeping on your side.  I was suddenly struck by how much you have grown.     

This month can be summed up in one word - WALKING.  You can now consistently walk about three to five steps - unassisted, but you're still a very fast crawler and you love taking your walker out in the middle of the street (Aunt Liz would be so pleased).  You've actually made it all the way down to the end of the street, but then got tired so I had to carry you plus the walker back home. 

You are consistently signing "milk" (which you have been for a couple months now) and "more" and starting "bird".  I don't know why, but I find the "more" sign adorable.  You also do this sign when you're trying to avoid something - like, going to bed.  For example, last weekend I was feeding you and I called your dad to bring you to bed for your nap.  As soon as you saw him, you started frantically signing more so as avoid going to take a nap.  You clever, silly little boy.  It was all we could do to NOT crack up laughing - which only encourages you.

You still refuse to swallow solid food.  You will chew on anything - a bagel, pity chips, garbage - but refuse to ingest anything.  Maybe some day.

Your little personality delights us every single day.  I love watching you problem solve and work your little magic to get whatever it is that you want.  You make your father and I so very happy.

My little toddler - please be sweet to me and your dad and please, please don't grow up too quickly.  

All my love,

Filanthropy Friday

It's Friday, the 13th! Dun . . Dun . . Dun.

I was originally planning to give to some scary charity (like snake rescue or horror movie preservation), but then I read something truly horrifying.  It's all over the news - about the 8-year-old girl getting Botox.  YIKES!

I don't know what I'd do if Cub ever came to me and said, Mom I'd like to be in pageants.  I don't like pageants and although I hate to be judgmental - I find it difficult to tolerate parents who allow (in some cases push) their little girls (and boys) to be showcased so absurdly. 

I wish there was some pageant-children rescue association where I could donate money, but honestly I didn't really look.  In order to counteract the ridiculous story about a mom making her daughter get Botox injections and virgin waxes (what the hell is a virgin wax  . . . she's 8-years-old everything about her should be virgin?), I donated $15 to Girl Start.   It's an Austin-based organization all about empowering girls in the areas of math, science and technology. 

I wish all these pageant parents would send their daughters to Girl Start summer camp instead.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today Buttin informed me that he wanted a VCR. Yup, a VCR.

Since a VCR costs less than gum it's difficult to object, but I'm not really looking forward to owning a bunch of VHS tapes.  Have I mentioned that we have an entire closet full of CDs and that when I first fell in love with Buttin he owned a laser disc player (and a bunch of laser discs)? 

Apparently, there are a ton of movies (I'm guessing pretty obscure ones) from Buttin's childhood that did not make the transfer to DVD.  

Buttin's theory is that men are more nostalgic about the past than women. His evidence includes his dorky giddiness about the movie Transformers (and also the movie GI Joe, but that's difficult to write).  He also admits to missing the sound a VCR makes when it's rewinding a tape.  

Hollywood doesn't make  updated versions of things that I remember from the 80s.  I also don't think I'd really want to watch a Rainbow Brite, Barbie or Care Bear movie.  

I've been thinking about Buttin's theory all day and trying to remember anything from the 80s that makes me giddy.  I really enjoyed Fraggle Rock and The Secret of Nimh, but I wouldn't wait in line two hours to see a Fraggle Rock movie.  I'd probably get giddy for Magic Middle cookies, but I can't remember anything else from the 80s that I'd get excited about having now.   

Maybe I'm the weird one or maybe Buttin is the weird one - all I know is that we're probably the only 30-somethings in the market for a VCR.

OK - here's the Graby picture of the day.  He's playing with his camera. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Misfit Monday

Our commercial is pretty awesome - we'll probably win an Emmy. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today we celebrated Mother's Day with Bubie (my grandmother), MorMor, Gigi and Dadoo.  We missed Nana (Matt's grandmother) a bunch, but we'll get to see her in a few weeks.

Here are a few pictures from today.
Checking out Bubie.

Hanging out with Dadoo.

Sort of eating a pancake - he really WANTED my pancake.  This was his first time in a restaurant highchair.  I meant to take a picture of the ground before we left (but after Cub made a complete disaster), but then I remembered that I could just look at our kitchen floor.

Here he is showing Mormor his new sign, more.  He was having a great time taking off her glasses and then he would sign "more" for her to put them on again.  We all had a good laugh.

Here are four generations.

Here are three generations.