Monday, October 31, 2011

A Little Scare

I'm interrupting this week's Misfit Monday to bring you HALLOWEEN!

Our Halloween started off with a little scare.

I got a call from Cub's school.  Cub fell off a small chair outside (from a standing position) and landed on his head.  They called to let me know they were applying ice and that he seemed like his normal self (they knew because he was stealing balls from his friends).  They called me back again (about five minutes later) and said he was starting to get pretty tired (it was 10:30 AM - pretty close to nap time) and they brought him inside just to observe him.  They recommended that I call our pediatrician.  I called the pediatrician - the nurse was not concerned.  The school called back again (another five minutes later) -  they strongly recommended Cub go see a doctor - he just wasn't acting right.  I called back the pediatrician's office and they made an appointment for 2:00 PM. Just as I was finishing up with the pediatrician's office, the school called back to say Cub had thrown up.  I talked to the pediatrician's office and they said to take him Dell Children's Hosptial.

When I picked Cub up from school they said he seemed better after throwing up.  I met Buttin and Gigi at the hospital.  Cub was checked out rather quickly (and played most of the time, except for when he was crying when they tried to take his pulse). They kept Cub in a room for observation until around 1:45, but he was eating and drinking and there was no more throwing up so they didn't do a scan (because of the radiation).

Cub spent his time emptying out all the drawers in the room and stacking the pee cups.

We got home from the hospital around 2:15 (Cub fell asleep on the way home) and I put Cub down for a nap.  He woke up and played with Gigi and then we got ready for Halloween - here's the train conductor running down the street.

Cash only got about five pieces of candy, but he wanted to open and taste every single one as we were walking down the street.  Eventually, it was a little too much.

Here he is with chocolate all over his mouth, he didn't seem to like chocolate very much - just wanted to try it, chew it and spit it out. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Today - we did many things - including a very fun trip to see Aunt Jen and Uncle Mark.  Their house is meant for kiddos and their two kiddos played with Cub for a couple of hours.  Cub was pretty tired when we got home. 

We also carved a pumpkin - Cub wasn't very interested.  

Here is my awesome pumpkin carving skills on display.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Filanthropy Friday


(I know Liz will make fun of me for this one)

I was SO excited to run this morning.  It's cool - like 50. 

I woke up and went to the bathroom.  OH MY GOD - I'm bleeding.  Yup, after not having a period since JUNE of 2009 (that's over two years ago - I'm good at math), it started again this morning. 

Unfortunately, I had nothing in the house to (how do I say it nicely?) catch the flow (except for the butt-sized pads I used after Cub was born) so that kind of put the kibosh on the cool morning run.  Rest assured, I went immediately to the store this morning and am now prepared for a nice, cool run tomorrow morning.  

So what does this have to do with Filanthropy Friday?  Well not a lot but it got me thinking.

In honor of my period returning, I decided to donate to The Center For Reproductive Rights.  I know the previous couple of paragraphs are silly (or disgusting or both), but CFRR is dealing with very serious issues affecting women's health and reproductive freedom - they are the only "global legal advocacy organization dedicated to advancing women's reproductive health, self-determination, and dignity as basic human rights." 

I donated $25 and I hope they use my money to take someone (a state or agency doing something bad) to court or to buy tampons. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inspection Completion

Actually, the inspection was completed (but that just doesn't sound as good).

I met with our inspector, Roy, this morning as he was finishing the inspection.  He walked with me around the entire house and pointed out all the things that weren't quite right.  It was actually very interesting.  Bottom line - nothing catastrophic, but we may ask the sellers to make a few fixes.  

Cub had a particularly cute and happy afternoon.  We spent the entire afternoon outside while the cold front was blowing into Austin.  Here are a few pictures:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Riggs is back home!

As you can see, both of the dogs are super excited.

Lots going on today, so I'll write the short story:
  • We met with Riggs' trainers and they taught a bunch of commands.  Riggs knows sit, down, heal, place and here quite well.  According to the trainers, Riggs will test us in the coming weeks (he's already been doing it some this afternoon).  The trainers will visit our house next Tuesday at to evaluate our progress.
  • I went to the doctor today. I've been having some joint soreness almost daily the last month or so.  The doctor doesn't think it's arthritis, but he took some blood just to run the tests.  He thinks I just have (wait for it) "joint soreness".  The therapy for "joint soreness" is ibuprofen, cookie dough and weekly massages.  
  • We are officially "under contract" for the house we want to buy and the inspection is schedule for Thursday.  We're still being cautiously excited. 
Here is Cub playing with Riggs this afternoon, they are getting reaquainted: 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Misfit Monday

OK - this is going to be a quick one.

Two things about misfits.

1.  We have a water cooler in the office.  Invariably the water is all gone at exactly the moment I am thirsty.  I posted a little sign next to the water cooler asking that when the water was out (meaning you can't see any water in the jug) to please replace it or ask a fellow misfit (a guy with muscles) to replace it.  Seems simple enough, right?  Well, Misfit Patty believes that even when there is no water in the see-thru jug;  tiny little water sprites (or maybe they're fairies) keep creating water inside the cooler that cannot be seen by the naked eye, but is magically still available.  Misfit Patty has now been caught twice (once by Barbie and she turned herself in today) taking the last visible water from the jug without calling a muscley misfit.  Her defense?  There was enough water for her to fill her cup and it still "looked like" more was coming out.  

2.  We're hiring another sales misfit (we had one leave).  Reviewing resumes is still depressing - nothing has changed since the last time I looked at resumes. 

Here's a silly picture of Cub to make all the misfit woes better.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday This And That

A few updates:
  • Cub woke up early again today (yesterday - marathon day - he woke up at 4:30 AM) - 5:15 AM.  He must be teething and/or have a little cold because he is kind of a grump. 
  • Adding to the grumpoticousness - only a 45 minute nap!
  • Buttin and I went to see Paranormal Activity 3 (2.5 cookies) this afternoon and when Hannah (babysitter) walked in the door - Cub started crying.  He was pretty dramatic when we left but he was fine after about three seconds.
  • I'm sore and my armpits hurt like the dickens - for some reason all my chub-rub consolidated in my armpit area (sexy, I know). 
  • One small teeny-tiny thing -WE PUT IN AN OFFER ON A HOUSE!  We are so excited but are reserving full-jump-up-and-down excitement for when they accept and everything goes well. 
Here is Cub today playing one of his new favorite games - Daddy's Truck.  It's a fun game to play in the morning when it's cool outside, but Cub doesn't let us turn the A/C on so in the afternoon the game is not so much fun.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Race Report - Short Version

Starting temp - 67
Ending temp - 83
Unofficial time: 5:10:ish

I really wanted to break the five hour mark, but I played a little with friends (two baby mamas even ran with me for a little while) and it was pretty freaking warm.

Overall it was a fantastic race and now I'm very tired.

Here's Cub this afternoon - thankfully he let me sit down quite a bit while we played in the street.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

Tomorrow my mom and I will run in our 2nd marathon - Frankenthon.

This will be my 1st non-pregnant marathon and my mother's 2nd non-pregnant marathon.  

Most races have a cause or beneficiary.  This year, Frankenthon's cause is literacy and they have partnered with the Cedar Park Library to raise money for new books.  I think books are pretty good and am fairly pro-literacy (unless it's reading something dumb) so I donated $25 to Bookspring.

Bookspring is an Austin non-profit determined to get children reading though various programs.  One of their programs  - Reading Is FUNdamental - provides three books per year to 21,000 Austin area children at no cost to their family.  My $25 donation will provide three books to three children - I highly recommend Harry Potter. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Last Group Run

Today was my last group run before the marathon.

As was the case with most of my other group runs, I ran it alone.  Although today I ran alone because I'm the only one doing a marathon this weekend - so my workout was different.

It was a total of five miles. 

1 mile warm-up
3 mile MGP (Marathon Goal Pace)
1 mile cool-down

Sadly, I had to estimate the mileage because when I woke up this morning - my Garmin wasn't charged. Double sadly, when I got home this afternoon (after putting my Garmin on the charger) it still wasn't charged - as in a completely blank screen.

Tonight I asked Buttin if he would take a look at my Garmin because I MUST have it for the marathon.  

Buttin's response:  Isn't a marathon like one gigantic Garmin  - don't they tell you how far to run and time you?

Buttin is a smart-ass.

Here is Cub today doing his little pose (Buttin and I think Cub is adorable in pants - he looks like such a little person).

Monday, October 17, 2011

Misfit Monday

I've said it before - being a small business owner is like being a parent. 

Sometimes it's upsetting - like when a misfit is struggling, we feel pain - AND sometimes it's funny - like when we hear every excuse invented as to why a misfit needs money (an advance). 

We've heard some doozies - but my new favorite is:  I need $50 because it's my grandma's birthday this weekend. 

I have to thank the misfits for preparing us for Cub's teen years. 

Here is Cubby today - watching (and talking to) traffic.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Squirrel Chasin'

In my squirrel chasin' boots with my "I'm gonna get you squirrel" face.  

Saturday, October 15, 2011

It Failed Me Again

My car.

Today Ghetto McFlood-Mobile failed me.

I was on my way home from a very nice, brisk 12 mile run.  It was 8:10 in the morning - apparently peak trouble-making time in Austin, Texas.

I got pulled over by a policeman. Ugh. I wasn't speeding so I was a little perplexed. 

Here is a very accurate transcript of our conversation.

Me:  Hi very nice policeman, how are you?

Policeman: Ma'm (double ugh), your windows appear to be very dark. (He takes out window-tint-meter-o-reader thingy) Yup, your windows are .25% and the maximum allowed by law is 20%.

Me:  OK.

Policeman: Can I see your license and proof of insurance?

(I hand him my expired license, but can't find my proof of insurance).

(Policeman goes and looks stuff up on his computer and then comes back).

Policeman:  Here's a citation - you need to call the judge by November 5th.  

Me:  Really?  How am I supposed to know my windows are too dark? (I did know that they were dark, but didn't know they were illegal dark, OK maybe I kind of did.)  I'm just a sweet innocent mom  tying to get home to my very cute little 18 month old boy who totally wants to be a policeman when he grows up.  

Policeman:  Well, when you sign your license you are saying that you will abide by all Texas Highway Laws.

Me:  I do abide them - at least all the ones I know about, but I don't have a cool window doo-dad.  Do they sell them at Home Depot?

Policeman:  I don't know, but I think if you get the windows fixed - you can make the citation better (whatever, that means).  Have a good day and drive safe.

Good grief - a ticket and 8:10 in the morning for my windows being too dark!  I didn't have a dog or child with me (I've been able to get out of tickets before with these family members in my car), but apparently my red-face, sweaty smelly self wasn't doing anything for him. 

Did I mention that he didn't even notice that my license was expired??

Oh well - yet another reason why my car is so awesome. 

Here's Cub working on his truck so he doesn't receive a similar citation.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

A few weeks ago, we adopted Riggs from the Great Dane Rescue of Southeast Texas

Great Danes are the 17th most popular dog breed in the United States.  Their popularity (unfortunately) means a lot large dogs in shelters or abandoned or worse (things I can't even think about).  The GDRST takes in about 3 - 10 Great Danes (or Dane mixes as in the case with Riggs) per week!  Many of them aren't surrendered - they're found roaming the streets of Houston or worse (again, things I don't want to think about) and don't have names.  GDRST gives them names (example, Riggs was originally Griggs which is the name of a street in Houston).  

Last week, I sent GDRST an update on Riggs including pictures of him with Cash and Buttin.  This past weekend, they took in six Danes and one of them they named, Cash!

Appropriately, Cash (the Great Dane) is a black Dane.

GDRST liked the name Cash and when they met the black Great Dane, they thought it was an appropriate fit.  I was just tickled! 

Cash (the Great Dane) is still a puppy, but he's already 125 lbs.   He was found by animal control tied to a pole on a concrete slab and his collar was so embedded - it required surgery.  Cash (the Great Dane) is doing much better now and almost ready for a home.

Since he is my child's namesake, I donated $25 to the GDRST to help Cash.

My donation also gave me an idea (I'm sure other rescues have come up with this idea) and I told my new friends at GDRST about it.

I think they should offer a "NAME A DANE" donation.  For example, if someone donated $100 they could name the next Great Dane that entered rescue.  

I was delighted they named a puppy after Cash. I'm sure other people would love to name a dog (either after themselves or any name) and would be willing to donate money to do it. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

School Fundraiser

Buttin and I love Cub's school.  It's very nurturing and educational, but some of the hippy-dippy things crack me up.  

As an example, we have a school fundraiser - For Small Hands.  Essentially, it's a catalog of experience facilitators (toys) for Montessori education.  

I hope Cub wants his own composting pail and replacement filters for Christmas.

Here's Cub giving Buttin kisses today.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Running & Riggs

Today was my first team work out without my running buddy.

She ran the Chicago Marathon this past Sunday - did it in a 4:07 (we definitely can't be friends anymore).  If I go a 4:57 - I'll do something (can't think of anything right now) crazy and uncharacteristically me.

It's difficult to believe that my race is less than two weeks away.

This week we did a pretty long workout - 8.3 miles.

1.15 mile warm up
3 x 2 miles (alternating .5 mile HMGP and .5 mile MGP)
1.15 mile cool down

I did alright - my average for the entire workout was 11:05/mile.  

In other running news, Rogue is looking for volunteers for this new heart rate/zone training method they're tying.  I love training in zones, so I volunteered.  I was rejected because (get this) I'm too fast!  I wonder if I'm just so slow that they're trying to let me down easy.
Today we got an update on Riggs at puppy boot camp.  Apparently, he's playing very well with all the other dogs and responding well to their "calming signals".  His first day at boot camp he wasn't taking "no" for an answer when other dogs wanted to stop playing - they called him an obnoxious child.  He wasn't aggressive, he just wouldn't let the other dogs stop playing - he'd keep bouncing around trying to get the other dog to play.  He likes to party, but I guess he's gotten over it.  They also said he's a big goof ball when playing, but smart when it comes to his training sessions.  I'm sure they say this to all dog parents, but it's good to hear. 

Here's our other little goof ball today in his wagon.  Notice the tears?  He had just fallen out (well kind of jumped out) of his wagon and didn't really like the result.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Misfit Monday

No work for me today because Cub's school was closed. 

However, we did make a trip to the office because when I got in my car this morning (Cash and I were taking a trip to target) - it was FLOODED

Yup, that's right.  What are the chances that two cars in a row would flood? My windows weren't cracked so I have no idea how the water got in, but I do know that my car smells fabulous.  

Thankfully, one of our cleaning technicians was able to perform a quick water extraction (thanks misfit!) and on the upside it made me clean out my car (lots and lots of half eaten Goldfish crackers and smushed bagels).

This morning we played a little with Archer.  The boys had fun racing down driveways.  I think my son gets his awesome running expression from me:


Buttin decided to get creative at work and here's how he modified the picture:

No doubt he has a career in graphic design if this whole flooring thing doesn't work out.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Quiet House

On Friday we dropped Riggs off at puppy boot camp for two weeks.

Even with two adults, two cats, a dog (more like a hamster) and a very active toddler - the house is kind of quiet.  

We miss the big stinky puppy - well maybe the dog and cats don't. 

This weekend has been pretty relaxing - Buttin and I got out to see a movie - The Guard (solid 4 cookies) this afternoon and the entire family has been enjoying the rain.

Here is Cub talking at the trucks (he LOVES watching traffic and talking to the trucks) while we were on a walk.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Running In The Rain

Cub and I both ran in the rain today.

I ran 17 miles in the muggy, warm weather.

Cub ran for about half a block and I'm pretty sure he a lot more fun than I did.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Filanthropy Friday

I'm pro-protesting (the peaceful kind). 

During the past week, I've been fascinated by the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Their major position is that they are sick and tired of the greed from the top 1% of our country.  The movement represents  the diverse group Americans who comprise the bottom 99%.   They are peacefully protesting in Liberty Square.  

I've read a few articles that say this is like the Tea Party for Democrats although the movement claims to be non-political (there is actually a Occupy Party website, but the Occupy Wall Street group is not affiliated).  I do feel that regardless of the political party in power our government is run by a small number of corporations. 

Occupy Wall Street doesn't seem to have clearly defined goals (although, one should be - free cookie dough for everyone), but I'm excited to see people doing something (even if that's just standing in the streets with clever signs). 

This week I donated $10 to Occupy Wall Street.  I hope they use my money to make signs and buy cookie dough.

The movement is spreading and there's an Occupy Austin -  marching today on Bank of America at 4 PM. I donated $5 to them.  I hope they use my $5 to make it rain (like real water falling from the sky). 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dear Cash - 18 months

Dear little man,

Eighteen months!  Happy half-birthday my little sugar man.

Eighteen months feels like such a milestone.  I look at the pictures I've taken of you in recent days and think - He's turning into a little boy.  What happened to my baby?

You were barely starting solid foods this time last year and now you're a little carb-eating machine.  It's not very shocking that you love your cards - bread, cereal, rice, cookie - your dad and I love them too.

You use sign language like crazy right now, but still no real words except for "ut-oh" and sometimes/kind of "bye".

Your new addiction is Yo Gabba Gabba.  You have actually started watching television - your dad and I don't know whether to feel thankful  or like bad parents.  In the afternoon, when I'm getting your stuff ready for the next day - I can give you two crackers and say, Go sit down and eat your crackers. And you'll hop on the couch and sit there mesmerized by the television while slowly eating your crackers.  It's pretty cute.

You still love outside and if given the choice between television and outside, outside always wins.

It is so difficult to believe that six months from now - you will be TWO YEARS OLD!  I'm still kind of in denial that you are a year old. 

There is nothing I wouldn't give to keep your whole life free from pain, sadness or sickness.  Everyday I am more  grateful than the last for your smile, laugh and health.  You make your father and I so happy - I know we're your parents, but we find you endlessly entertaining. 

Please be sweet to me and your dad and please don't grow up too quickly.  

Love you so much,

To celebrate your half birthday today - I got you a cupcake.

As a comparison, here's a picture of you and your cupcake from a year ago.

Here's a picture today.

I know, you don't look very interested in it - I have failed you as a mother.  My takeaway from this experience is that I've grossly underfed you cupcakes this past year.  I promise to work on this for the next twelve months.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Again with the Yassos

This morning most of our running group did Yasso 800s. 

My one running friend didn't do 800s today because she's running in the Chicago Marathon this weekend. I blame her for my slower-than-last-time Yassos. 

We were supposed to do two more than last time, so I should have done eight (others should have done ten).  However, I'm beginning to think that the other runners in my group are cheaters (or maybe, I'm just really slow).  I got to yasso #6 and I was the only one left on the track (except for the high school kids) so I stopped after #7. 

All my times were between 4:10 - 4:25 and I'll poop magic beans if I run a 4 hour 25 minute marathon. 
Here's is Cub today trespassing in our neighbor's yard.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Misfit Monday

Misfits - official trade show picture:

New misfit - hard at work:

Little Cub - up to no good: 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Great Day!

OK - lots going on, so I'll just do bullet points.
  • 10 mile run yesterday - great and easy. I LOVE it when 10 miles is easy (it also didn't hurt that it was 59 degrees).
  • Went to movie with Liz yesterday afternoon - Killer Elite (about 2 cookies) - the action stuff was fun, but the plot was just so-so.  However, you don't need a great plot for a fun Saturday matinee.
  • This morning I went to a Baby Mama's brunch and it was so nice seeing them.  It's so hard to believe that we've only known each other about 17 months.  
  • Cub has tooth #9 and I think #10 will be here soon.  This has meant a little grumpiness.  
  • This afternoon, we took Cub to an elementary school playground that had a really nice selection of toddler toys.  Here he is playing peek-a-boo inside a little house.

We also took puppy to the park (I think his name is becoming Riggs) - he had a good time too. 
Here's a cute picture of Buttin, Cub and puppy at home in the backyard this afternoon.
In honor of Fantastic Fest (the one week movie festival Buttin has been at) ending, Cub decided to make his own little horror movie - via red washable paint all over himself. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Puppy : Day 1

OK Wow - I forgot how much work is involved when having a puppy - especially when the puppy is an ultra-mega puppy.

The training is slowly coming back to me . . .

Puppy still doesn't have an official name.  In all honesty, I think I'm holding off on falling completely in love with him until puppy is a little more integrated.  I have to keep reminding myself that this big-little dog has been through a lot in the last month or so and throwing a new house, new owners, two cats and a napoleon-esque chihuahua at him all at the same time is probably a little overwhelming. 

For the most part, puppy is pretty calm and has managed (in one day) to learn to spend a little time outside alone and in his crate without barking. This is actually quite a bit of progress considering where we started the day (barking anytime he was left alone).   

Cub seems to be getting used to puppy, but I'm sure it'll take a little while.  This puppy moves a lot faster than Molly did and I think all he motion is a little frightening.  We're really trying to focus on getting puppy oriented to the pack order (meaning that Cub is above puppy).  Cash gave puppy lots of kisses on his feet and nose today and overall their interactions were very sweet.  

At one point today, they were both in the kiddie pool together.  Here they are playing next to the pool.