Monday, April 30, 2012

Misfit Monday

Buttin and another misfit are on a little trip this week.

They're visiting our largest carpet supplier's factory in Georgia.  I'm sure it's like a big carpet-factory-party.  I imagine they're wearing hard hats and spinning yarn as I write this post.

Here is Cub today.  I think he misses his dad.  He had a little meltdown during bath time and then just wanted to be cuddled for about 20 minutes in bed - no books, no toys - just cuddles and a couple of fishies. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Better Than Nothing

This morning I went for my longest run in four weeks - 3.5 miles.  It wasn't great, but I guess it wasn't horrible - my feet still tingle, but I've noticed that they feel a little less tingly after I run. 

This afternoon Buttin and I met Liz and Jonathan for the movie: Safe.  I give it a solid three cookies - pretty fun action movie.

Here's Cub this morning eating his lolipop.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Birthday Visit

Today, Buttin, Cub and I went to visit Mormor and Dadoo to celebrate Dadoo's birthday and Mormor and Dadoo's anniversary. 

We celebrated these occasions by watching Cub run around the house while trying to break everything breakable.  Thankfully, he never found the cat.  We also ate regular lasagna (Dadoo and I were grateful it wasn't crab lasagna) and Dairy Queen Blizzards - it was quite the classy meal. 

During our visit, Cub found a  kind of bike in the yard and he was very confused as to why it wouldn't move. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

This week I'm bringing together two events - Earth Day (last Sunday) and my father's birthday (tomorrow).

I don't think I could describe my dad as "green", but he does like to conserve resources (we were probably the first family to save and reuse paper grocery bags) and he also likes driving to parks and monuments and history-type stuff.

I'm not what you'd call a parks, monuments or history kind of girl, but I remember the trips we would take to exotic places, like - New Mexico and Arizona and Arkansas to see National Parks.  Some kids got Disney World for vacation, but I got Hot Springs, Arkansas (every 10 year old's dream) and The San Antonio Missions.  I did get Disney World, but I'm kind of glad I got more than just Disney World.

This week, I selected the Sierra Club and they have donation options where you can Sponsor A Wild Place

In honor of my dad's birthday and of Earth Day, I selected the $25 Grand Canyon National Park sponsorship.   I remember our family trip to the Grand Canyon and driving around to many different viewpoints so that we could look at the big hole in the ground from yet another angle. As a teenager, I wasn't very impressed, but I certainly want to take Cub there one day (maybe he'll have better attitude than I did).

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Little Something

So, I know I keep talking about my tingly feet and that's probably not very interesting to my three readers so I promise to try and find a new topic next week.  However, in tingly foot news, they're still tingly. 

Today I did a little stationary bike ride in our office.  Barbie brought a stationary bike up to work a couple of years ago and so far it's been used once (and now twice).  On my non-walk/jogging mornings I plan to do a little bike ride to supplement my lack of mileage. I'm hoping it improves my mood. 

Cub has been in a really funny mood the last few days. I haven't spent anytime detailing  Cash-cutenesses lately, so I'll share one - he loves to sing along to songs we sing.  We've sung "You are my sunshine" to Cub every night since he was about 6 weeks old.  It's always calmed him.  Now, he sings with us as we put him to bed.  He sings the words - sunshine, happy, grey, dear and you.  It's pretty sweet. 

Here he is today eating some veggie straws on the porch. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Chiropractor

Today I went to see a chiropractor for my tingly feet.

Honestly, I grew up in a pretty anti-chiropractor household so the thought of ever going to see one just never occurred to me. 

The short version of the visit today - my feet are still tingly.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting the feet tingling to go away or even really improve. 

She was able to increase my foot tingling by applying pressure to certain parts of my hips, which she said was a good sign.  She only manipulated my lower back and asked me to track any changes for the next few days and go back and see her on Friday.

We'll see how it goes - at least I feel good about trying to do something while I wait for the neurologist appointment. 

Here's Cub playing outside today.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Misfit Monday

The misfits were oddly well behaved today.

Perhaps they knew I needed a drama-free day.

We're actually in the process of re-doing our showroom (on a very small budget) and it's actually coming together quite well.  I came up with a super-fun (well, not really according to the misfits) idea for a way to decorate the walls.  We're going to paint art!  

I tried looking for some inexpensive wall art, but even the cheep stuff is pretty expensive and very ugly.  I figure we can make better abstract art than we can buy.

This afternoon Cub and I went to visit my baby mama friend, Heather.  Her new baby daughter is so cute and chubby.  Cub spent some time mowing their lawn. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tomorrow, It Gets Better

The past couple weeks I've kind of been in a funk. 

My sporadic running and tingly feet (not to mention misfit shenanigans) has had me in a foul mood.

With Buttin's help, I'm making a plan to get over myself and adapt to my new situation (the tingly feet).  
  • On Tuesday - I'm going to see a chiropractor.  I've never seen on in my ENTIRE life, but since I have to wait three weeks to see a neurologist, I figured I might try something while I wait.
  • I'm also going to try to walk or do some other kind of working out (maybe even join a gym) everyday of the week (I think chasing Cub must count for at least two weekly workouts).
  • In about three weeks I'm going to see a neurologist, who will probably tell me that I'm crazy, but at least we can start identifying the tingly feet issue (unless the chiropractor is able to work some magic).  
  •  If all else fails, I will eat massive amounts of cookie dough  and flick spit balls at misfits.
Here's a picture of our little mouth-breather sleeping.   We heard from Dr. Boston and Cub's adenoids are very large so he has an appointment with an ENT in a few weeks.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beautiful Day (But No Running)

It was a gorgeous day in Austin, Texas.

Too bad I didn't go for a run.  I'm taking a little break in the hopes that maybe my body is a little injured and needs some time away from running.  I am going a little crazy without an outlet, so I might ride the stationary bike that Barbie keeps at work.  

I am going to try a long walk tomorrow morning.

Our family enjoyed the beautiful day (even without a run).  

Here's Cub playing on the basketball court this morning.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

On Wednesday night Buttin and I were super lucky!

We went attended a small (about 150 people) Kris Kristofferson concert (they also served us a little dinner) at the Star Hill Ranch (very nice place).  Here we are!

The event was actually a small benefit/wrap party for a movie - "The Road To Austin" benefiting the Stephen Bruton Foundation. 

Stephen Bruton was a very talented studio musician and he died of cancer in 2009.   His friends and family started the foundation based on the idea of   - why do we wait until people get sick to help them? 

The foundation was set up to help musicians with screenings for diseases and they're working on some pretty advanced blood test (with some scientist/doctor-type people).

Sadly, I couldn't find a way to donate to them online (couldn't even find a website) so I donated $20  to Love, Hope, Strength - The Worlds Leading Rock N Roll Cancer Foundation.  

I've contacted one of the founders of the Stephen Bruton Foundation to inquire about giving a donation, so I'll update later if I get information.

We loved the concert, but the highlight of the evening was probably when Buttin asked Kris Kristofferson to say "Happy Birthday" to Cash. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

X-Ray Day

Yesterday was Cub's two year check-up.  

He's right on track - 60th percentile for height and 40th percentile for weight.

We discussed Cub's World Record Breaking amount of snot production and Dr. Boston decided we should get an xray of Cub's adenoids.    

Today Cub and I went to get his xray done.

Cub was ready to go home immediately.

This is what a toddler looks like throwing a fit by the water fountain in a doctor's office.

Here's Cub telling me where he wants to go while we wait.

The xray was somewhat traumatic because Cub had to be forcefully held still and he was not happy (for the record, neither was I), but thankfully it was over soon.

We should find out about Cub early next week. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I was really looking forward to meeting with the doctor at Rogue tonight during their FREE injury clinic.  I even missed Cub's bedtime to attend.

Too bad I went to the WRONG location and the right location was downtown (too far to drive at 6:45 in the evening).  I know they'll have other injury clinics soon and maybe I'll have the patience to wait - my other option - large amounts of meth or heroine or something else to make this maddening tingly feeling go away.  It's still not painful - just very, very annoying.

I'm not sure at what point I call my doctor back and tell him MY FEET ARE STILL TINGLY - maybe it's time to try acupuncture or chiropracture (is it chiropracturing? I'm not sure what the noun is that means "going to the chiropractor") or alcohol.  

Now, two pictures of Cub for the day.

One that just cracked me up.

And another that's just cute.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Misfit Monday

No story today, just a Cub picture - I think he gets this look from me.

This is how I look when a misfits says something, anything.

Misfits also make me wish I was holding a bat.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Tingly Feet & Football Movie Review

My feet are still tingly.

I wrote to my running coach and he thinks it might be my sciatic nerve and recommends using the foam roller (which Buttin calls my "gigantic foam dildo") on my legs and butt.  My coach also suggested stopping by to visit with a doctor at one of Rogue's injury clinics (I love Rogue) - so I'm going to do that on Tuesday evening. 

This afternoon Buttin and I went on a movie date - here is my cookie review.

This high school football documentary won the Academy Award.

I loved it and I think Buttin loved it even more - fathers and sons and football underdogs - perfect Sunday afternoon movie.  

Here is Cub doing his best Heisman pose.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

Last night was the 2nd Annual Austin Apartment Association's Got Talent Show.

It was a huge success and we raised over $4K for the American Red Cross Central Texas Region. I'm proud to be a part of this organization and community.

I know sometimes I make fun of the misfits - most of the time they do ridiculous things and infuriate me secondly (even though it's not a word).  However, we had a misfit (we call him Bobert) perform in the talent show last night and he's truly talented (not just my kind of cookie-dough-eating talent). He's the drummer in a band, and  he is amazing.  I'm actually pretty proud of him everyday - even when he's just being a regular misfit.

A few months ago Bobert's young mother (late thirties or early forties) was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. My heart broke (and continues to break) for him.  Before having Cub, my mother dying was probably #1 or #2 on my worst nightmares list (I'm very thankful for my mother's health). 

Tomorrow, members of our association are joining together to raise money for our misfit's family - Walk For Jack (Jack is actually Bobert's step-father and he's also in the industry).   Buttin will be attending the walk (here's more information on Facebook) because it's during Cub's nap time, but I'm showing my support to our misfit and his family by donating $25 today.

We love you Bobert!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tingly Feet

I'm turning into one of those people with crazy symptoms.

A couple months ago, I had sore joints - which turned out to be sore joints

A few days ago, my feet started getting tingly - kind of like the feeling you get when your leg is falling asleep.  So, I went to the doctor yesterday.  He pretty much ruled out the worst things (multiple sclerosis and nerve damage) and told me I just had "tingly feet" and that it would probably go away soon and to get more foot massages (whoppee for me).

In other news, tonight I may have finally destroyed my iPhone.  It fell in the to the toilet.  I'm trying to rescue it with this little bag - called a Bheestie - that my friend Liz got me for Christmas.  I will judge her Christmas-gift-giving-skills by how much it works.

There will be no Cub picture tonight because of the iPhone situation - I blame my tingly feet.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Misfit Monday

No misfit story today.  Cub came into work today and did a little computer work - he thinks the mouse is phone.  Oh well, wouldn't be the worst idea a misfit had today.  

Here's Cub today - feeling a little under the weather.  

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Bunny

This is the happy Easter bunny.

Cub was actually pretty happy today, just very very snotty.  

Here he is playing baseball with one of his new birthday toys.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Birthday Party

This morning we hosted the 2nd Birthday for Archer, Cash, Henry and Isaac.

It's difficult to get two toddlers together and four is nearly impossible, but here are a couple cute pictures.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Filanthropy Friday

Happy 2nd Birthday Cash!

Also, Happy 1st Birthday to Sofie and Carlie Stroope! 

Also, Happy 2nd Birthday to some little Baby Mama boys - Archer (3/25), Henry (3/27) & Isaac (4/8)!

So much to celebrate (and donate).

For Cash - I selected SOS Children's Villages.  It's a charity that was much beloved and supported by Johnny Cash.   SOS provides homes for orphaned and abandoned children and I hope my $20 donation in Cash's honor will help the cause.

For Archer, Henry & Isaac - I selected The Navy Seal Foundation because Archer, Henry & Isaac are awesome and so are The Navy Seals.  The Navy Seal Foundation provides support services to Navy Seals and their families and I donated $15 in honor of Archer, Henry and Isaac to show our support. 

For Sofie and Carlie - I selected the March of Dimes (the same charity I gave to last year in their names).  Carlie and Sofie were born weeks premature and the March of Dimes funds research to help moms have full-term babies.  In honor of Sofie and Carlie, I gave $10 to The March of Dimes Prematurity Campaign


Thursday, April 5, 2012

On The Eve Of Your 2nd Birthday

Dear Cash,

On this night two years ago, I was oblivious to so many things - like:
  • The fact that I was IN LABOR and not having gas pains;
  • The fact that you were a boy (a thought which never occurred to me); 
  • The fact that I would so deeply fall in love with you; and
  • The fact that two years would go by so quickly.
Sweet baby Turd (we call you turd, among many other things), I don't think your father and I could have ever imagined how much you would consume our hearts and souls.  I showed a picture of you to your dad yesterday and he responded (via text): "I fall in love with that boy at least 100 times a day". 

I fall in love daily with the both you (this means, I win).

Here are a few things I started last year:

Favorite Color:  Red
Favorite Word: "No" and "Drive"
Favorite Food: Veggie Straws
Favorite Thing To Do: Drive
Last time you cried:  You "toddler" cry all the time, but I don't remember the last time you really cried.  I think that's a good thing.
Last time you smiled:  Tonight, while you were getting ready for bed.
What I think you'll be when you grow up:  A train conductor or singer or man who lives with his mom till he's 30 (which I highly encourage). 

New Things - 

Nicknames: Turd, Sugarman and Cub
Favorite Song: Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Shake -Shake-Shake and Pop Goes The Weasel. 
Favorite Book :  Right now, Airplanes or Snuggle Wuggle

My sweet little Sugarman Turd Cub, there is nothing you could ever do (beside hate cookie dough) that could keep me from loving you, protecting you and wanting the best for you.  Please be sweet to me and your dad and please don't grow up too quickly.

Love you more than ever,

Now, here is a picture of you representing how I FELT about 30 seconds after you were born.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3.5 Miles For Riggs

There have been a few changes at our house.

On Friday night Riggs pooed (extreme amounts close to his Great Dane body weight) in our carpeted bedroom.  We have been meaning to move Riggs out of our bedroom for a while now, but this was really the perfect excuse to start his transition.  

Since Saturday night Riggs has been sleeping (and pooping) downstairs (thankfully, it's tile and cleans easily).  His poop is getting more solid, but Buttin's theory is that Riggs is a little depressed because he's not with us at night (even though he's with us all day at the office).  I decided that RUNNING might help Riggs' mood (and maybe stop his diarrhea).  

This morning I took Riggs for a 3.5 mile jog.  He did surprisingly well - really well.  I only almost tripped over him four times (which isn't very many times considering Riggs' huge desire to move back and forth on the sidewalk).  After a little spazziness the first half mile, he settled into his gait and I think he actually made me run a little faster too. 

So Cub has two new favorite words - "attack" (which he demonstrated last night) and "drive".  Here he is telling me that he wants to drive (there is a hand motion that goes along with word).

Monday, April 2, 2012

Misfit Monday

Today Misfit Riggs decided to win the misfit award for most destructive behavior.  He diarrheaed all over the hallway.  Yeah.  Buttin got to clean it up.

Coincidentally, Riggs decided to do the same thing on our bedroom carpet on Friday night (I guess he's kind of sick).   Thankfully, we have a wonderful misfit who was able to come clean our carpet today - he wins the misfit award for most awesome behavior. 

Tonight while I was reading to Cub - he randomly and without warning head butted me in the mouth and busted my lip.  It took me about 10 seconds to catch my breath and then I told Cub how much he hurt me and that he needed to be more gentle.   He then started to stroke my face with his hand (the same way he is "gentle" with the cats) and then a couple seconds later decided he was ready to snuggle.  I'd rather not have the split lip, but if it means extra snuggling time - it's almost worth it.

Here's Cub stealing balls again.  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Adjusting To The Heat (again)

I went for my long run this morning (normally it's Saturday) because Cub and Buttin were still recovering yesterday morning.  I only went 12 miles, but it was a really difficult 12 miles.  It was warm and humid and I looked like a drowned rat when I got home.  I think it's that time of year again when my body has to adjust to the heat and humidity.  It was just a couple of weeks ago that I was running in long sleeves and now a tank-top and shorts are too much.  Hopefully, I will be acclimatized by June. 

This afternoon we had Hannah come over to play with Cub while we went to the plant store and bought plants.  This was the first time in our lives we have ever purchased and planted green stuff for the ground.  It was hot (ever more so this afternoon), but we accomplished something and our yard looks a little better for it.  

Here's Cub on the swing this morning.